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Leather Peeling Case Study

Updated: May 26, 2022

If our customer were to tell us her beautiful jacket has been through a tornado, we'd believe her.

Honest Crafters is one of the most well-known Bag Repair & Restoration Specialists in Singapore. However, we received a real challenging case this time, one that is usually out of our area of expertise - seeing that it is apparel instead of our usual Bags, Shoes, Car Seats, or Furniture.

Not only that, the jacket's interior and exterior leather parts are also peeled beyond recognition, flakes dropping everywhere when we took out the jacket for assessment. An uncommon case + a nearly hopeless leather damage, can Honest Crafters rescue this?

It is a slick and stylish fashion piece and our client clearly treasures it to come inquiring for us. Our Leather Artisans resolved to put their best foot forward and get to restoring. Miraculously, they managed to do it and with our superb craftsmanship as always! Check out the mind-blowing before/after photos below!

If you enjoyed reading this and want more, you can read our article on a RARE collector's item LV here! Alternatively, you can also learn more about us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and even check us out on TikTok!

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