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Case Study - Louis Vuitton Mirage Speedy 30 Bag

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

A spectacular limited-edition collectors' piece from the Fall 2007 Louis Vuitton Runway Collection, the ultra-rare Louis Vuitton Monogram Mirage Speedy 30 bag is a coveted must-have for LV collectors everywhere.

Accented with details unique to the collection; a monogram print that gradually fades upward and shiny black patent leather handles and trims, it also retains a true classic LV shape and design.

Honest Crafters received one such LV Mirage Speedy with a worn zip track and several distressing tears scattered throughout its vintage canvas body.

Our Bag Repair & Restoration Specialist Artisans precisely measured, and hand-cut a black leather detail before carefully stitching it on the monogram canvas, cleverly covering up the irreparable tears with a new bespoke design. The worn and faded zip track has also been replaced with vibrant, new, and original LV hardware.

Check out the before/after below:

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