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Our Story

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Honest Crafters - Singapore's leading leather restoration experts with over 40 years of collective experience.

Our story began in 2016 when a collective of professional bag making artisans with years of bespoke customization experience, came together with a singular love for leather restoration. 

Word of our craftsmanship spread and within the span of a couple of years, we have become the leading leather restoration experts in Singapore, earning the trust and credibility that many referred to when they want their luxury leather bags and accessories restored.  Despite our in-depth knowledge and understanding of working with various types of leather, our penchant for learning, exploring, and experimentation also allowed us to become knowledgeable in other materials common to luxury designer bags and accessories.  By extending the lifespan of leather goods and their aftercare for our customers, we add value to your treasured keepsake. 

We aspire to push standards in restoration, craftsmanship, and transparency in our services.

Just like the beauty of leather, we also believe in treating others with respect, with a revered emphasis on longevity and value.  Hence we were able to forge numerous lasting and meaningful relationships with our sources to provide you with the materials and parts that are essential to restoring your bags and accessories to their intended glory.

With increasing demands requiring restoration services for both residential and commercial spaces, we extended our expertise to provide leather restoration and deep cleansing of interior furnishings under the name Haute Crafts.  We truly believe that customers are our priority and your well-being is always at the top of our list.

Honest Crafters was born because we believe in sustaining what we value, that knowledge of craftsmanship should be preserved and passed on and that no one does it better than us.  We connect you to our craftsmanship.. 

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With pride in our craftsmanship, every item is handled with utmost care and expertise. Driven by the standards our reputation holds us to, our strong attention to detail ensures each customer's goals are well-met and satisfied. Our specialists and artisans have years of experience and a wealth of expertise that none surpasses.

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Leather restoration involves time and effort. Honest Crafters promises top craftsmanship at honest prices. Your money is well invested and your expectations are well-met.

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We are not simply modern day cobblers.

We help protect your valued possessions and restore a quality of life that you deserve. 


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“Couldn't thank the team from Honest Crafters enough for such great work done to refurb this very vintage (1996) classic double flap.

It was passed down from a very dear late friend of mine.. it has great sentimental value. The bag wasn't well maintained over the years at all and had many flaws but, Honest Crafters managed to salvage the bag into a very clean and polished vintage look.

Thank you Honest Crafters! I'll look no further beyond you when I need such services again! 😍” 

Nikki Tay

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