Our Story

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Honest Crafters is Singapore's leading leather restoration expert with more than 40 years of collective experience. Founded in 2016, our pool of passionate craftsmen have dedicated their talent to serve and save our customers’ much-beloved leather goods with precision and care.


Our story starts with our founder, Grace, who left her comfortable interior design job to pursue her passion for leather bags and accessories. She began in 2004 with a small pushcart in Raffles City Shopping Mall under the name of Gracious Aires. As business and customers grew, Grace discovered a growing demand for specialised repair services for their purchased bags. In 2007, the company began offering specialised repair services not only for its customers' purchased bags but also for their personal leather keepsakes.


Word of the company’s craftsmanship and services soon spread. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of working with the various types of leather from creation to taking care and restoring leather products to give them a new lease of life are key to gaining trust and credibility among our customers. We believe that leather should be treated with a distinct focus on longevity and value. And that is the beauty of leather – it can be repurposed and restored. 


Demand for leather and leather care continue to grow over the years. It was high time that a dedicated company be set up to focus its time and attention to meet the growing demand. And with that, Honest Crafters was born.

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Our team of leather artisans and craftsmen are passionate individuals who love doing the things they do. We take immense pride in our crafts, ensuring every task is discharged with care and understanding. With our keen listening ear and strong attention to detail, we are driven to please our clients and live up to their expectations.


Budding leather artisans are constantly given the opportunities to learn new things as part of our personal and professional development, all within the scope of our profession. From the artisans to our sales team, we are committed to providing a personalised experience for our clients that is worthy of their investment in us.

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Leather restoration involves a lot of time and effort. At Honest Crafters, we promise top craftsmanship at honest prices. We shall be transparent with our prices, so you know your money is going to a worthy investment in extending the longevity of your valued leather keepsakes.

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We aim to push standards in restoration, craftsmanship and transparency in our services. We hope to share our knowledge to consumers in extending the lifespan of their leather goods with care, adding value to their pre-loved goods with zero waste in mind. 


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“Personally, I'm not a huge fan of branded bags so I really appreciate BYOB at Honest Crafters because I get to pay mainly for the workmanship and materials which is way more value for money than buying a branded bag.”