Why are your services so expensive?

Leather restoration works involve a lot of time and effort. The craftsmanship from luxury goods in particular requires special care and attention along with the use of the finest materials. This would be the only best way to ensure your bag is restored to its best condition.

Why can’t you give me a direct price instead of a quotation?

Every job is unique and requires specific understanding over the issue at hand. Due to this, quotes can only be finalised upon actual item assessment

How long will my item take?

Our repair servicing standard lead time will usually take between 3-5 weeks to meet with the overwhelming demand from bags and shoes repair in the queue. We work with a small dedicated team of artisans and seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Why do I need to pay first before you provide service?

In all honesty, advance payments are a protection against nonpayment. This will also include cancellations when services are rendered. We seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Why can’t you restore my item back to brand new condition?

As all materials have inherent faults to them, we can only repair and restore as much as the condition of the item allows. As a result, we do not guarantee that your item will be restored back to an entirely brand new condition for all our services.

Do you provide a warranty?

Unfortunately we do not provide warranties for our services at the moment. However, if you notice any irregularities to your bag after our servicing, you can let us know within 24 hours upon receiving your item and we shall have it re-serviced free of charge.

Are the materials used for restoration authentic?

Our reconditioned material is tested to original equipment manufacturer specifications. It requires the repair or replacement of worn out or obsolete components. Parts subject to degradation affecting the performance or the expected life of the whole are replaced.

Do you serve international customers?

We do work with items overseas with international shipping borne by customers. Our mode of payment is through PayPal which charges a 2.9% fee from the total amount of each payment that we received from the U.S. For funds being received from other countries outside the U.S., the fee for each transaction is 4.4%. Please be informed that the PayPal fee will be levied onto the total costs for payments arranged via PayPal. Do check your local post office on the shipping rates before proceeding.

Why is an onsite pre-assessment necessary?

An on-site pre-assessment is necessary to ensure that we are able to sufficiently remedy the issue at hand before we commit our time and resources to travel on-site. Doing so prevents a possible wasted commitment on both parties.

Do you do pick-up and delivery?

Yes, we do offer pick-up and delivery for your bags. Kindly let us know if you are interested when enquiring with us. To help minimise contact during the COVID-19 pandemic period, we are currently offering our pick-up and delivery services for free.

Why do we need good quality photos before giving a quote?

Providing good photos helps us make a proper and accurate assessment of your item if we are unable to physically assess it. This will give us a better idea of what we are working with and help you get an honest and most accurate quote for your item.

I have more than 3 items to send to you. Can you come over to do a home assessment?

Yes, we do offer a home assessment for 3 or more items. Kindly indicate your interest when enquiring with us.

Why do LV services cost way more than other bags?

Louis Vuitton bags typically use vachetta leather, which is a specialised kind of full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather made primarily in Tuscany. Due to its high cost, restoring any part of the vachetta leather on LV bags means passing down the cost to our LV services.

Why can’t I call you?

Currently we do not accept any calls as our number is only for WhatsApp. Any calls would disrupt our enquiry system. Do contact us via other channels if you are looking to make an enquiry regarding our services. For After Sales Support regarding your items, feel free to contact us at the following number: 9787 9271

Am I able to check the status of my bag?

Yes, you can get updates on the status your bag contacting our After Sales Support number on WhatsApp at 97879271.

Do you buy pre-loved items?

Unfortunately, we do not buy pre-loved items.

Do you authenticate handbags?

Unfortunately, we do not authenticate handbags.

Can you expedite your service?

Yes, we offer a special Express service for an additional fee on top of every quote.

Do you have any value packages?

Yes, we do! We understand that our customers have different needs and expectations so we have put together value packages we hope you will love. Click here

What form of payment do you accept?

For our Singapore customers, we accept Bank Transfer, PayNow and PayLah.

What are your precautions taken for COVID-19?

All our artisans and staff are required to wear masks at all times in our studio. Our workstations are adequately spaced apart according to Ministry of Health guidelines and we conduct daily temperature checks for all our staff. We also offer contactless pick-up and delivery for those who have opted in for the service.

Do you have an after sales support?

Yes we do. For after sales support regarding your items, feel free to contact us at the following number: 9787 9271


Why do you reject synthetic leather items?

We do not accept synthetic leather. Synthetic leather peels easily due to weather conditions over time. The leather finishing on its surface cracks, especially on bonded leather, patent leather, PU and PVC. Synthetic leather does not hold the same endurance as real leather and can often crack and peel again after sometime. This is due to poor quality lining. It happened on both expensive or cheap items. Using cheap lining enables the manufacturer to cut its costs.

My bag has creases and dents can I have it removed?

Unfortunately we cannot remove creases and dents in leather. The surface of the leather has already been permanently altered and working on it may risk damaging the leather further.

My bag has been stretched, can you unstretch it?

Unfortunately we cannot unstretch the leather as the fibres in the leather have already been loosened and lost its elasticity.

My leather has hardened, can you make it soft again?

If your leather hardens too much, we are unable to condition the leather to the point whereby it is soft again.

Can you restore patent leather?

Yes, we do restore patent leather.

Can you restore suede?

Yes, we do restore suede.

Can you restore exotic animal skins?

Yes, we do restore exotic animal skins such as snakeskin, lambskin and crocodile skin.

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