Where are you located at?

We are located inside our sister shop, Gracious Aires, at unit #02-08/08A, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103. You can reach our shop desk line at 63376616 to enquire on directions to get to us.

What are your opening hours?

Our shop is open every day from 10.30am - 10pm, including Public Holidays. Our online enquiry channels operate from 10am - 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Do you accept orders internationally?

Yes, we accept orders from all over the world! Unfortunately, due to customs regulations, all international shipping and return delivery will be borne by our international clients and we must ask that you check with your nearest post office to advise you on the shipping rates and arrange from your location. Do note that you may incur additional costs due to varying customs and import taxes levied by each country. As we are unable to advise the exact amount this may be, please check with your local customs.

Are you able to appraise and authenticate handbags for sale?

Because we are focused on restorations and spa services, appraisals and authentication are not in our area of expertise. However, we do know a number of appraisers and would be happy to connect you with them if needed!

Do you complete urgent orders?

Customers in special circumstances may request for an order to be completed urgently for an additional express fee.


Can You Restore Exotics?

Yes, we regularly work with crocodile, alligator, elaphe (water snake), python, ostrich, lizard and many others.

Do you dry clean leather handbags and jackets?

No. Dry cleaning is contrary to what leather requires to maintain it’s suppleness, colour and durability. Leather is a porous material meaning any stains need to be extracted with specialised cleaning agents. During the cleaning process, the fibres must also be treated with nourishing formulas to prevent the leather drying out. Dry cleaning essentially dehydrates leather, making the fibres more brittle and prone to breaking.

Can you remove oil stains, water marks...?

Water marks, oil, alcohol stains cause discolouration of the leather, thus necessitating a re-dyeing procedure. Dye or Ink stains also usually require colour refinishing / dyeing.

Can you remove the odour / musty smell from leather?

A musty smell typically indicates mould growth on leather. We can reduce mould and leather odour with either restorative cleaning methods, cleansing and disinfecting or through refinishing / dyeing the leather. A refinishing process is usually our recommended solution for complete mould removal as the dye essentially kills the fungus and restores the condition of the leather.

Can you dye my bag to a different colour?

We have a very firm policy against dying handbags in complementary colors. Complementary colors may also be called "opposite colors", creating the strongest contrast for those two colors. In our opinion, there just isn’t a truly professional way to change the color of a handbag once the leather has been tanned and assembled in the original production. Changing the color can also sometimes create authenticity issues for certain brands. As a restoration company, we feel a responsibility to protect the integrity and authenticity of all brands that we service. On a bag-by-bag basis, analogous colors are recommended when it comes to changing the color, this means the color grouping has similarities. Our specialist associate will advise you on the color scheme types that have close relationships to one another.

Can you remove stains from a patent leather bag with just cleaning?

Unfortunately, we cannot! Staining on patent leather tends to penetrate through the top coat, making it impossible to remove through surface cleaning alone. Only solution is to re-dye patent leather and re-coat to restore it's glossy coating.

How long does a spa service last?

A spa service will not make your bag look new forever—the finishes applied will age similarly to how the leather did originally. You can extend the life of your handbag with careful carrying and proper storage. Although leather is very durable, it is not indestructible. Exposure to heat, humidity and improper care or cleaning can crack and dry leather skin and it's edges, remove finishes and colours. Leather goods should be cleaned and conditioned every 6-12 months depending on how much it’s been worn in that time. So it needs to be maintained and moisturized – to keep leather moisturized, you should apply a suitable cleaner and/or conditioner regularly; you should also make note of the heat and humidity levels of our tropical climate which can cause leather to peel and crack.

Will the texture of my bag change after pigments have been applied?

Sometimes there can be a compromise between texture and aesthetics with restorations, but we always do our best to find an artful balance while keeping the leather as soft as possible. Changes in texture are determined by severity of wear and how much pigment needs to be applied. We will always let you know what to expect during your consultation!

What do you mean by bespoke service?

At HC we use the term bespoke to describe the tailored and personalized approach we expect our craft artisans to follow for each order. This includes design, material / leather selection, engineering and finishing. While we offer bespoke services, it is important to emphasize that we are not a factory and workmanship will reflect handmade leather craft.


How does your service work?

1. Contact us via Facebook/WhatsApp/Email with photos and information of your actual item. If you know exactly what you’re looking for with our services, please let us know so we may suggest the best approaches to get you there. 2. Receive an estimate quote based on comparable past cases. These may be based on factors that can include type of service, size of item and methods of construction. 3. Book an appointment with us to collect your item or drop by our shop at Raffles City to receive a final quote following the physical assessment with our specialist.

Can I speak with your sales associate on the phone to inquire about your services?

We would love to, but unfortunately, we are unable to accept any calls as we feel that a voice call does not reflect the actual conditions of your item accurately for us to advise you on the right type of service, resulting in an unfair, invalid and unreliable assessment.

How do I get a quote?

Once your item has been assessed online, the team will send you a comprehensive quote detailing any services you specifically requested as well as recommended services for your item. Sometimes photos do not accurately represent the item’s actual state when you bring it down to our shop. Quotes may be subjected to change and our specialist associate will personally advise you on the actual cost following the physical assessment. For items needing much more work and time, we can arrange for an on-site assessment if your item is going to require a much higher level of effort to get it restored.

How long do online assessments take?

Our online assessment service aims to have a turnaround of 2 – 3 business days.


Where is the work completed?

Our studio and office is located in the East, Central region of Singapore and consists of separate departments for leather repairs, alterations, dyeing and restoration work. Our unique set up ensures that each aspect of an order is attended to by a specialist and all items are carefully processed and managed on-site.

Who will be handling my item?

Our team of experienced artisans with unique specializations in areas of leather restoration and repairs will be tasked with handling your items. For items that require a wide range of services, your item will likely be attended to by a multitude of specialists to ensure standards in quality and craftsmanship are met.

How long will my item take?

The length of time depends on the work required. Cleaning and repair services generally take 2-4 weeks. Colour or leather restoration services will require up to 5-8 weeks. Specialised services such as leather replacement may take up to 4 months. Occasionally, we are able to group bags requiring similar services, which results in the work being completed more quickly.

Can you repair or restore my leather items back to their original condition?

Our repair and leather restoration services are always completed with the goal of returning your items to the best condition possible. It is important to note that leather differs from other materials in that it develops its own unique character over time and your items may never look identical to factory-like condition. As such, our services always aim to rejuvenate, refresh and bring a new lease of life to your items.


What to expect during a pickup?

During pickup, our assessor will carefully inspect your item to check for any possible defects and discrepancy contrary to the information and photos we have received from our conversation online. Any uncovered issues will be communicated clearly and reflect on the actual quotation. For on-site assessment, once a mutual agreement has been established based on the actual cost following the physical assessment, you will receive an e-invoice/receipt via email or WhatsApp. Your items will be collected by a member of staff and sent to our studio to begin working on.

Can a family member or friend pick up or drop off my order?

If you have arranged for another person to pick-up your order, we require proof in the form of receipt or text evidence.

How can I access my order details?

An order invoice/receipt is sent via email or WhatsApp message.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Our workshop operates on both appointment and walk-in, postal or courier basis.

What happens after my item is picked up for assessment?

Once your items arrive at our workshop studio, our specialist associate will be in touch with you to personalise your order and provide a quotation before we begin any servicing work.

What are your pick up times?

Our courier service only operates on weekdays and Saturdays with pick up windows between 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm.

Can I drop off my bag at the studio myself?

Due to security and privacy reasons, we do not allow walk-ins or drop-offs at our studio. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the safety of our clients’ handbags is our highest priority! Our studio is only limited to our employees, visitors are not allowed near the premises. Please visit our shop at Raffles City instead.

I’ve booked my appointment for assessment, now what?

You will receive a confirmation of your booking. You may also receive a reminder shortly before your scheduled pick-up appointment. Your items will be collected by a qualified assessor. Once your items reach our studio, we will confirm receipt of your item. We will assess your item within 2 business days and send you a quote via WhatsApp messaging. You can approve and decide each of the services you would like to proceed with. Here, you can query, accept or decline your quote. If you decline your quote, the bag will be returned to our shop for your self-collection. Do note that a delivery fee of $15 is applicable if you wish to have your item returned to your address.The delivery fee will be waived if you decide to proceed with our services.


How does your pricing work? How is pricing determined?

We determine pricing on a bag-by-bag basis, taking the customer’s overall goals into heavy consideration. We aim to be as transparent as possible with our pricing which can vary depending on the amount of time required, cost of materials sourced-on-demand (where materials are sourced only when or as they are required) and the complexity of the work. As every job is unique, we do not have a price list. Please let us know exactly what you’re looking for with your service so we may suggest the best approaches to get you there.

When and how do I pay?

We will provide you with a comprehensive quote for your item(s). Where you can edit, remove or decline services. You will be required to pay 100% upfront to approve your quote and the work to commence. We will send you an invoice via email or WhatsApp messaging, so please check your junk email or WhatsApp message inbox. Payment can be easily arranged via debit card, NETs, bank transfer, or Google Pay. Please note that this invoice will also include the reference code for your collection or return delivery.

Why can’t I receive a fixed cost for inquiring about your services after sending photos or a video clip of my item?

There are exceptions when you may or may not receive the actual cost of our services through an online assessment. Sometimes photos/video do not always reflect the actual condition of your item accurately. Small changes in lighting under different devices can make your item look completely different. Other factors may include the lack of information, right angle shots or poor image/recording quality received.

Do you offer discounts for multiple bags?

As our pricing is determined by the time and type of service required for each repair, there isn’t much room for discounts… though there are some exceptions! With our long-standing customers, we are often trusted to select the services we feel are best without providing preliminary quotes first. This saves us time, allowing us to offer lower pricing for groups of bags. Of course, it takes a while to develop that level of understanding, so we always like to begin a relationship with photos and quotes on a per-bag basis.


What If You Damage My Items?

Please note that upon receipt, we will photograph each of your items. We will also make note of any existing damage and the general condition they arrive in and communicate this in your assessment. Please read this carefully and let us know if you are in disagreement as soon as possible. Kindly go through our terms of use and disclaimers before acceptance of collection.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Officially, we guarantee our work for three months, but we judge each case on its merits. This may seem like a small window but we have no way of knowing what your item comes in contact with or how it’s used once it leaves our care and that may impact the work we’ve done.


If you’re a retailer interested in setting up a brand account with HC simply reach out to us. Before creating an account, we suggest visiting our shop to learn more about our services and to make sure we’re a good fit. Some of the benefits of setting up a brand account with HC are as follows: – Live order tracking – Correspondence with our specialist associates via our CRM platform – Discounted rates for our services


Covid-19 Safety Measures

We will continue to operate under strict hygiene & safety protocols during this circuit breaker. All our staff have daily temperature screening, wearing masks at all times and hands are sanitized. This is to ensure that we prioritize customers safety and well being. We have taken measures to minimize contact and practice safe distancing measures by offering free pick up and delivery service at your convenience, on-site cleaning service for your sofas and cars.