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Honest Crafters will make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the service provided. Honest Crafters shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of the following service that has been incurred to the customer’s item throughout the duration of the service process.

i) Cleaning 

Our cleaning and polishing services are recommended only for hygiene and maintenance purposes. Our cleaning and polishing services are targeted at the reduction of stains or scratches. Our restoration services are recommended for aesthetic improvements. For the avoidance of doubt, we cannot guarantee any results from the use of our service(s).

ii) Repairs 

As all materials have inherent faults to them, we can only repair and restore as much as the condition of the item allows. We will not guarantee that the condition of your item to be that of a newly bought one and you should not expect your item to be restored to its original newly bought condition. Specific expectations and requests by the customer should also be clarified with us before proceeding with the service, however the ability to fulfill these requests are dependent on a case-by-case basis.

iii) DND 

Areas or services not marked on the receipt, or areas marked 'DND'(Do Not Do) will not be serviced. Please ensure all services you require from us are stated clearly on the receipt before payment. Items under assessment will need to be paid for before we proceed with the service.

iv) Colour Restoration/Redye 

The purpose of colour restoration/redye is to recolor the item as close as possible to the original color or redye the item to another colour. A physical sample of the colour is to be provided; otherwise our specialists will find the cleanest part on the leather to be the color reference. Colour of the item after treatment will differ depending on how the leather reacts to the different paint finishers. Our coloring service does not repair the leather condition. The damaged leather remains as it is. The result of your item is dependent on the existing condition of the leather, if the leather is in already a bad state of cracking, peeling or flaking, the leather will still risk leather paint cracking, peeling or flaking even after leather color restoration treatment. Colour treatment done to items that have existing wrinkles or creases on leather may appear more pronounced after the treatment.

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