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Experts in leather repairs and restoration

Explore our various shoe repairs and restoration services for stilettos to sneakers!

Honest Crafters | Cars. Image of car car seats after car seat cleaning and restoration service.

Drive away in luxury and comfort with our range of non-invasive leather car seat restoration services

Honest Crafters | Home Furnishings. Image of sofa after leather sofa repair services.

Welcome your guests to a comfortable and stylish home with our leather home furnishings restoration services!

Honest Crafters | Bespoke. Image of customized and bespoke genuine leather bag.

Craft your dream bag, explore our past custom leather creations designs!

Honest Crafters | Bag Repairs & Restoration. Picture of Chanel, LV, and Hermes bags after cleaning & restoration.
Honest Crafters | Shoe Repairs & Restoration. Image of heels after sole repair and cleaning services.jpg


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“Couldn't thank the team from Honest Crafters enough for such great work done to refurb this very vintage (1996) classic double flap.


It was passed down from a very dear late friend of mine.. it has great sentimental value. The bag wasn't well maintained over the years at all and had many flaws but, Honest Crafters managed to salvage the bag into a very clean and polished vintage look.


Thank you Honest Crafters! I'll look no further beyond you when I need such services again! 😍” 

Nikki Tay

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