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Bag Redesign & Reimagined 

There exist limited-edition bags, released with only 25 or so pieces in the whole world. Or Veblen Goods-type bags that are so pricey that they remain exclusive to only a small number of owners/collectors.

Maybe you even belong in these small prestigious groups of proud bag owners! Honest Crafters now provide you the opportunity to take it one step further. An exclusive designer bag with a beautiful graphic hand-painted by our talented Artisans with the care of a swiss-watchmaker.  

Choose among our cataloged designs or submit one to our WhatsApp hotline!

You give your creative choice, leaving the practicals of aesthetics to us. Design and receive a bag to call your own— beautifully painted with the finest artistry only Honest Crafters can provide.


Get started in 3 easy steps:


Choose Your Design

Choose from our library of designs and tell us your desired dimensions for a preliminary quote. 


Bag Assessment

Send us photos of your Bag, our Bag Specialists will assess the leather and design, advising if the service results will guarantee you a satisfactory result.


Book Pick-up & Delivery 

Your very own custom-painted leather bag will be collected, hand-painted, and delivered to your doorsteps without leaving the comfort of your homes. 

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