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Leather furniture restoration and repair in Singapore


Your home furnishings deserve the best care from us


Honest Crafters provide general cleaning, nourishing, and thorough polishing up for your leather furnishings. 


Our Furniture Cleaning Service involves cleaning of grime, color-matching the affected area,  

and polishing/waxing to buff out minor scuffs, scratches, and imperfections on the surface. An all-purpose conditioner is used to restore essential oils and nutrients to the leather.


We also offer a Leather Restoration Service for cuts, scratches, tears, holes, or cracked leather, using leather filler. The filler compounds are used to level any holes/dents on the leather surface prior to texturing and colour application. The strong filler helps reinforce damaged leather where the integrity has been compromised..


Extend the life of your home leather furnishings. Let us care for them so that you can focus caring for your
loved ones.

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