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Bespoke, Restoration By Design

Leather Workshop

Bag Repair & Restoration - REIMAGINED

We all have our favorite brands and bags, but sometimes even they may not be able to meet our personal ideas of form and function. This is where Honest Crafters come in. You design and decide what you want in a bag, we make it for you.

You give your creative touch and blessings, leave the intricacies of craftsmanship to us. Design and create a bag or accessory to call your own — beautifully crafted with the finest craftsmanship only Honest Crafters can provide.


Get started in 3 easy steps:


Choose Your Design

Send us a few pictures of the design and dimensions for a preliminary quote. Speak with our design specialist to customise your design.


Choose Your Leather

From genuine calf leather, lambskin to even exotic leather, we have a full range of top grade leather for your choosing.


Collect Your Bag

Your very own custom-made leather bag will be crafted in House and ready for collection in about 2 - 4 months time.

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