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Learn More: Honest Crafters - Bag Repair & Restoration Specialists

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

If you've been on Google, searching for remedies or professional help for shoes or bags repair & restoration - chances are you've seen or heard of Honest Crafters on top of the first page.

Today, we're going to save you all the extra work of browsing through multiple pages on the website and scouring our profiles on multiple social media platforms. Here is a quick, comprehensive guide to what Honest Crafters is all about.


We are Singapore's leading leather restoration expert with more than 40 years of collective experience. Our founder, Grace, owns Gracious Aires, a retail store in Raffles City that offers designer-quality handbags at affordable prices.

After years of amassing extensive knowledge & experience on leatherwork - and constantly sought after for advice, remedies, or request for repair services. Grace founded Honest Crafters to provide dedicated Bag Repair & Restoration service to fellow luxury bag owners.


We provide a myriad of services for a similarly wide range of products.

To keep it as succinct as possible, Honest Crafters provides restoration services for Bags, Shoes, Car Seats, & Furniture. Our main specialty or focus, for these items, is their leather equivalents! But we have gradually extended our services to Canvas Fabric Bags or Shoes as well, to take into consideration brands with common famous canvas designs - such as Gucci and Dior!

Now that you have a quick grasp on the products we service on, next up is the restoration services we do for the items!

At the most basic, we do Cleaning for all item types mentioned above - Bags, Shoes, Car Seats, Furniture! We also have a popular Deep Cleaning Bag Spa Package to get the best rejuvenation & value for money!

Our Deep Cleaning Bag Spa Package!

Check out our Bag Specialist in Bag Spa action!

Next up - our most popular & critically-acclaimed service, Complete Color Re-Dye! A dedicated team of Artisans to custom-mix your desired color and hand brush your Bags or Shoes! No detail is spared with hand brushing, and any crevice or embossment will not be missed. However, do note that our Color services are not recommended for Canvas or Fabric items - our Leather Paint will harden & crack Canvas but no worries because our Specialists will honestly inform you beforehand!

Check out our Complete Recolor for Bags & Shoes! Hand-painted details!

Our Artisan at work, with attention to detail of the small Hermes Logo!

Lastly (but not least), another main service we offer is Repair. Be it the flaps of your Chanel, the lock of your Hermes, or rips on your Sofa/Car Seat. It is a huge umbrella of work but no fret, 1-on-1 consultation with our Bag Specialists will advise you if the repair job can be done with a satisfactory result before proceeding.

Our repairs range from bag deformation to extreme tears, and apply to all 4 item types!

Check out our TikTok post featuring a Porshe Vintage Leather Seat Repair!


So why us?

We don't need to be humble when it comes to this. We have more than 40 years of collective experience working with exquisite leather and designer products.

Secondly, we can also provide relevant services that our contemporaries are unable to. Some examples include; gold plating for CHANEL Chain, laser spot welding for precious jewelry, and major repairs. Nor do our contemporaries provide services that extend beyond bags.


We have a quick & easy process if you are interested to inquire, or proceed with our services! Just 3 simple steps:

  1. SNAP

  2. QUOTE

  3. BOOK

Snap photos of your bag or other leather items - include full photos & zoomed-in photos that highlight the issue!

Then wait and receive your 1-to-1, dedicated assessment & consultation! Where issues will be explained, and solutions suggested. This is where you can ask our Bag Specialists any questions, and also voice out any requests you may have.

Lastly, you will receive a quote - then simply book a date & place for our free pick-up service to send your items to our studio!


We are located at Raffles City Shopping Centre #02-08/08A, 252 North Bridge Rd, S179103! Open from 10:30 am to 10 pm daily, Sundays included!

Online, you can reach out to us on our Social Media, or on our WhatsApp hotline at +65 948 70688! Kindly note that our WhatsApp hotline only takes texts and not calls.

Thank you

We've come to an end to our (hopefully) quick crash course introduction to Honest Crafters!

If you enjoyed reading this and want more, you can read our article on interesting LV designs in our studio here! Alternatively, you can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and even check us out on TikTok!

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