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Furniture restoration and repair in Singapore

Your home furnishings deserve the best care from us



Who we are?

Haute Crafts is the residential and commercial arm of Honest Crafters specializing restoration, repairing of leather furnishings and the deep cleaning of fine mattresses, sofas etc. We have always been about restoration and rejuvenation of not just bags and shoes, but that of our customers’ wellbeing too.


Building upon our decades of understanding customer needs, we are not just offering a service – it’s a personalised experience right from the get-go and continually offer our clientele unprecedented comprehensive aftercare and maintenance.


Our Furniture Cleaning Service involves cleaning of grime, color-matching the affected area,  

and polishing/waxing to buff out minor scuffs, scratches, and imperfections on the surface. An all-purpose conditioner is used to restore essential oils and nutrients to the leather.


We also offer a Leather Restoration Service for cuts, scratches, tears, holes, or cracked leather, using leather filler. The filler compounds are used to level any holes/dents on the leather surface prior to texturing and colour application. The strong filler helps reinforce damaged leather where the integrity has been compromised..


Extend the life of your home leather furnishings. Let us care for them so that you can focus caring for your
loved ones.














With the COVID-19 Pandemic bringing cleanliness and personal hygiene to the forefront, logically it would make the most sense to keep our homes and offices clean and sanitised - two areas where we spend the most amount of time in. One place often overlooked is our mattresses.


Did you know that an average mattress contains approximately 2.5 million dust mites, bacterial and fungi? Dust mites’ droppings may trigger allergic reactions like asthma, hay fever, eczema and eye irritation. Our sweat and skin flakes provide a rich food source for the dust mites and in-turn allow them to fester. That is why it is advisable to have your mattress professionally cleaned at least once every 3 months for a better night’s sleep.


For those of us with children or pets, having your mattresses and sofas deep cleaned is a must as they are more susceptible to viruses and germs. Plus, due to our humid climate, the risk of an infection and unpleasant odours is even higher. Thus, to safeguard the health of you and your loved ones, regular deep cleaning of your mattresses and sofas at least every 3 months is a recommended.



We offer two types of cleaning services with our German/Italian-sourced specialised high-tech cleaning equipment for mattresses and sofas.

  • Wet/Steam Clean: with temperature-controlled steam vapour; this method is best suited for surface cleaning and dealing with stains.

  • Deep Clean: dry extraction method for hygiene purposes, we are able to clean and extract impurities up to 10cm deep from the surface. This also includes an anti-allergen/bacteria spray treatment. It is suitable for all types of mattresses, safe for babies, sensitive skin and omits a fresh and pleasant smell after the treatment. 

  • Anti-bacterial UV Clean: our equipment emits ultraviolet (UV) light treatment whose main benefit is its ability to kill pathogens like viruses and bacteria.


Our Deep Cleaning service has been proven to be effective in killing 99.99% of HFMD, H1N1/H5N1 (flu viruses), E-coli, Norovirus and MRSA (Skin Infection).

Why Haute Crafts?

We provide an industry-first professional concierge visit with on-site assessment service by our specialists who will advice our clients based on their needs and concerns. This service continues even after the service has been rendered with our team being just a hotline call or text message away. We are also able to test on an inconspicuous area upon request for a sample of our service.

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