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Louis Vuitton in our Studio!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Try closing your eyes and tell us the first thing that comes up when you hear "Louis Vuitton".

You probably instantaneously and vividly visualized a mental image of the iconic LV Monogram, or Damier Ebene (checkers!) in brown canvas didn't you!

Don't let the iconic design distract us from the fact that Louis Vuitton is home to a wide variety of equally beautiful and classy designs in their historied collections! Today, Honest Crafters will be showcasing a myriad of interesting LV designs that graced our Bag Repairs & Restoration studio.

  • LV NéoNoé Bucket Bag

A 1932 design by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the original was created to transport bottles of Champagne in style (and it certainly did).

This modern version in iconic Monogram canvas features a sleek shape, colorful Coquelicot Red cowhide trim, and a matching bonded lining. The colors are classy and complementary, each beautiful individual feature altogether forms a gorgeous design that's more than the sum of its parts.

Sent to us for Canvas Body Restoration due to damage on its surface.

  • LV Grand Sac in Eclipse Monogram

Inspired by the House’s iconic Sac Plat from the 1960s.

Its design is truly timeless (something we find ourselves describing LV frequently), elegant, and gender-neutral. Sleek enough to go with any look, and practical enough to carry for any occasion.

Sent to us for a Bag Spa & Odor Reduction Treatment. While it came to us well-maintained, frequent maintenance is still crucial for the preservation of luxury bags like these.

  • LV Epi Leather

Next up, a trio of LV Epi Leather Bags! Coincidentally, each bag belongs to a primary color each - they look so amazing together.

Honest Crafters do not usually receive LV Epi Leather items - but we do have the capabilities to service them! And we feel that they may not be as iconic as the monogram now, but they will be in years' time!

Each came to us for a variety of services; Color Restoration, Strap Replacement, Deep Spa Cleaning.

  • LV Clapton Backpack

In classic Damier Ebene & Magnolia Pink.

As a go-to bag for every day, the Clapton Backpack checks all the boxes. The vibrant leather lends the classic Damier Ebene Canvas a fresh, youthful look. The Golden Tuck Lock inspired by House trunks adds a heritage touch. Casual and trendy, this model can even be carried several ways thanks to a top handle and adjustable, multi-position straps.

Sent to Honest Crafters for Color Redye for its Grained Cowhide Leather parts.

  • LV x Murakami Multicolor Marilyn Bag

An item from Louis Vuitton's widely popular collaboration collection with Takashi Murakami! Truly one of the more recognizable LV designs anywhere.

It was sent to us for our signature LV Vachetta Replacement Package. Otherwise in fantastic condition, with shining gold hardware and vibrant monogram - the Vachetta Leather parts carried some mold stains.

  • LV Roxbury Drive Handbag

Louis Vuitton’s Roxbury Drive Handbag gets its name from the street in Beverly Hills that all the celebrities used to live on. Stylish yet ergonomic design allows for ease of carrying and fitting in any of your looks of the day.

It was sent to us for our popular Whole Body Re-color Service. It was previously a bright yellow in patent finish with discoloration due to color transfer/fading - but redyed to an elegant soft gold, in a matte finish to preserve its new color.

  • LV Vernis Amarante Key Pouch

Cute yet classy. Its monogrammed keyring is chained to an Amarante LV-Embossed Patent Leather pouch with the classic Louis Vuitton plaque. It has a vintage charm unique amongst not only our showcase today but also among fashionable small leather items in general.

Sent to us for Zip Track Stitching, don't forget Honest Crafters provide a myriad of metalworks & hardware services!

  • LV Archlight Sneaker

The statement look of Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show, this futuristic sneaker balances a springy wave-shaped outsole and an oversized tongue with a low cut around the ankle for a delicate, feminine touch.

It was brand new and in pristine condition! Nevertheless, our client sent it to Honest Crafters for Nanocoating Treatment. When it comes to leather luxury items, it is always good to go above & beyond for their protection & preservation.

We have come to the end of our short Louis Vuitton tour in the HC Studio. We hope it was a good ride that touched on some unique and beautiful-looking designs that stray from our stereotype of an LV design - and maybe even help you add some to your wish list!

If you enjoyed reading this and want more, you can read our article on a RARE collector's item LV here! Alternatively, you can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and even check us out on TikTok!


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