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Upcycling & Sustainability at Honest Crafters

Updated: Mar 2

Sustainability is a virtue often preached but yet falls short in the fashion industry. Honest Crafters feel that fashion can’t afford to wait for customers to demand sustainability.

Sustainability remains the guideline that many companies are adopting to achieve the ecological transition with a view to a circular economy, including energy-saving, recycled materials, and social responsibility. But for us Honest Crafters it is not just a guideline, but a design philosophy - and we will show you in today's article.

We understand the hedonism of Luxury Fashion - people like to pay premium dough for that extra and limited luxury. Crocodile or Python Leather, Calfskin, top-grain leathers &, etc.

These materials are rare and expensive not just monetary sense. We arm our Artisanal Crafters with the skills to make the most or even do more with the precious material! Now, what do we mean by doing more with the material and how do we do it?

" Restoration By Design "

We have previously covered this totally unique-in-Singapore #ResByDes service. Today we focus more on why this is relevant. Let's check out this video of our Master Artisan restoring an LV Men's Clutch by design.

The LV Men's Clutch was reimagined into a bespoke Cardholder! This is what we meant by doing more with the material. A Clutch Bag was declining and due for a good restoration. Rather than just simply restoring it for the sake of restoration, we gave it a new lease of life & new functionality, while preserving the material, characteristics & sentimental values of the old clutch.

Of course, this is according to the wishes of its owner who share the same sustainability outlook as us! But we would love for everyone to know that this option is there! Note the nice detail of the Zip Head being ever slightly oversized for a Cardholder/Purse. This is because the original Ziphead from the Clutch Bag is used! So unique!

Luxury Furniture companies are taking action and creating new materials with reworked leather/wool, and recycled waste from furniture production. Honest Crafters are doing our parts in this unique way too. If this interests you, come have a chat with us!

If you enjoyed reading this and want more, you can read our article on a RARE collector's item LV here! Alternatively, you can also learn more about us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and even check us out on TikTok!

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