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TOP 5 Color Restorations done at Honest Crafters

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Color is all around us, everything we see at any single moment. Color defines our world, our thoughts, and our unique personality.

It is incredibly versatile and universally desired in one way or another - your makeup, your hair dyes, a particular iPhone color that you want.

Today, we'll be listing the Top 5 Luxury Handbag Color Restorations we have done! These are based on technical complexity, the extent of rejuvenation after service, or just simply based on their aesthetic merits! Without further ado, let's dive in!

#5 - Lady Dior In cerulean

With a classic design and luxurious and elegant handbag shape typical of the fashion house, the Lady Dior is the clearest representation of Christian Dior's heritage in fashion history.

This piece was sent to Honest Crafters after its patent coating disintegrated due to Singapore's humidity. Discoloration ill-befitting of Christian Dior and a sticky surface texture soon followed. As patent leather is prone to these issues in the long term, our Specialists professionally advised a Color Restoration to a Matte finish (instead of a patent one) to prevent history from repeating. Our Color Artisan followed up and expertly restored the Lady Dior to its original color. Bet you couldn't tell the weird mustard color is actually the result of the discoloration and it was originally cerulean!

#4 - KEDS x Kate Spade Triple Decker Floral

The only non-Bag item that made it to this list! Honest Crafters has done Smart Shoes, Stilettos, or even Jimmy Choos before - so how did this pair of sneakers sneak onto this list?

Firstly, this pair of Keds x Kate Spade Triple Decker Floral is a canvas sneaker. That means it is a service we rarely recommend because paint may stiffen and crack the material, rendering it nigh unusable.

However, our client sincerely wanted the service done and believed in the aesthetics of the end result. Our Color Artisan pushed their finesse to the absolute limit, coating a layer of paint thin enough to redye, but not so much as even an extra drop to avoid damaging the canvas!

The result as you can see is marvelous. A total refreshment, not just a color restoration to its original white but an aesthetic improvement with a slick coat of black,

#3 - Louis Vuitton Love Note Bag

Next up, we have the underrated Louis Vuitton Love Note design in gold.

Usually, when Louis Vuitton pays Honest Crafters a visit, it is the classic designs like the Neverfull, Speedy, or the Alma (sometimes the Roxbury too!) Receiving a Love Note is a breath of fresh air, and this piece included pesky mould stains we are all too familiar with.

Our Artisan had to custom mix a rare, soft-gold color and evenly cover up the irremovable mould stains with the rest of the bag. While not as complex as other items on the list, the result is indisputably jaw-dropping.

#2- Diorama in Metallic Silver

Silver tops gold on this list, as at number 2 we present the Diorama in Metallic Silver!

If you're familiar with the Diorama - you know it is a bold, beautiful, and complex design. Furthermore, this piece came to us at a visibly late stage of mould development. Its beauty is tarnished and almost unrecognizable. To add to the challenge, it was in a metallic color. Luckily for our distressed client, Honest Crafters are the only restorers in Singapore who can replicate Metallic Colors for our restoration services!

There are no shortcuts or magic. Our Color Artisans grit their teeth - custom matching the color with their knowledge in theory, and meticulous hand painting to cover the intricate details of a Diorama. Check out above for the results of their sheer passion for their work! This is why this belongs to the #2 spot on this list.

#1 - Paul Smith Swirl Tote

Last but definitely not least, this Paul Smith Swirl Tote Bag!

The multicolor swirl is beautiful, and a Paul Smith Signature. This bag arrived with faded spots littered throughout its body, requiring a Full-Color Restoration. This case presented our Artisans with a number of challenges:

  1. Custom-matching every single color present in the swirl accurately

  2. Ensuring the colors are evenly applied throughout the bag, accounting for the uneven fading throughout

  3. Finishing within a tight lead time

Any of these challenges would've daunted most restorationists - not Honest Crafters. Our Artisans rose to the occasion and surpassed their limits, respecting the ideology behind Paul Smith's craftsmanship.

Check out the completed work! Vibrance is fully restored, you can just feel boldness and confidence shine through the bright colors. Our Artisans evenly restored every strip, with hand-brushing (instead of just air-spraying) to ensure no mistakes between the swirls and the lines stay clean.

If you enjoyed reading this and want more, you can read our article on a RARE collector's item LV here! Alternatively, you can also learn more about us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and even check us out on TikTok!


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