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Most difficult Bag Color Restoration

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

“Colour is three-dimensional and so by creating the stripes by hand you can see the colours at their most vivid.” - Paul Smith

The multicolor stripes are a Paul Smith signature, true to its handmade heritage, the Signature Stripe is reserved for products crafted from premium fabrics and materials. Symbolically, the Signature Stripe also stands for innovation and originality, being used in novel, unexpected, and complex ways to create pieces that employ modern artisanal techniques.

Paul Smith is not among our usual cases, but Honest Crafters recently received a Bag that made us realize we actually have quite a lot in common with the brand! From the usage of strictly premium materials to artisanal techniques striving for innovative yet original restoration solutions!

This Paul Smith 'Swirl' Tote Bag arrived with faded spots littered throughout its body, requiring a Full-Color Restoration. This case presents our Artisans with a number of challenges:

  1. Custom-matching every single color present in the swirl accurately

  2. Ensuring the colors are evenly applied throughout the bag, accounting for the uneven fading throughout

  3. Finishing within a tight lead time

Any of these challenges would've daunted most restorationists - not Honest Crafters. Our Artisans rose to the occasion and surpassed their limits, respecting the ideology behind Paul Smith's craftsmanship.

Marking the stripes with color codes, to ensure consistency throughout servicing!

Check out the completed work below! Vibrance is fully restored, you can just feel the boldness and confidence shine through the bright colors. Our Artisans evenly restored every strip, with hand-brushing (instead of just air-spraying) to ensure no mistakes between the swirls and the lines stay clean.

If you enjoyed reading this and want more, you can read our article on a RARE collector's item LV here! Alternatively, you can also learn more about us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and even check us out on TikTok!

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