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The Honest Fashion Week Recap

We've come to the end of Fashion Week month!

It has been an enthralling period filled with plenty of wonderful surprises from fashion names big and small. This year's Fashion Weeks were held under unusual circumstances, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing around the world. As we all grapple with 'the new normal', we'll show how fashion houses around the world have found innovative ways to showcase their latest creations for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 season, as part of the Honest Fashion Week Recap!

New York Fashion Week

This year, the traditional festivities that came with New York Fashion Week annually were significantly diminished as crowding was significantly cut back and fashion show attendance dropped due to regulations and public concerns of social distancing. The bulk of the fashion shows held during NYFW were understandably held online in the form of "digital activations", with designers choosing to create lookbooks and videos to highlight their latest creations. Some notable designers even decided to sit out NYFW this year, such as Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

We're huge fans of Collina Strada's approach for this year's NYFW, with a whimsical take on pushing for environmental conservation and inclusivity. Titled 'Change is Cute', their Spring/Summer 2021 collection features a range of vibrant and cheerful colours as well as hand-drawn prints on their signature silhouettes. Adhering to their push for climate change, their clothing utilises deadstock material which aids in sustainability.

Tom Ford was widely regarded as the biggest name on this year's NYFW and he didn't disappoint. A stark contrast to his celebrity-filled show of last year, this year's show was presented digitally via a look book. Inspired by escapism, his Spring/Summer 2021 collection focused on exotic prints such as tropical and animal prints.

London Fashion Week

The show that came next on the Fashion Week calendar was London Fashion Week. Similar to what went down at NYFW, whereby crowded catwalk shows were few and far between. The few live shows held were through in-person appointments, while many designers opted for audience-free runway shows as well as digitalized presentations.

The first big name to kickstart LFW was Burberry, with a digital show that paid tribute to British summertime, nature and renewal. A collaboration between creative director Ricardo Tisci and artist Anne Imhof, the show was conceived as a "performance" meant only for digital eyes. The show featured models walking through the forest showcasing the new collection, being streamed live on Twitch, Instagram and Burberry's website.

Vivienne Westwood made a strong impression in showcasing her SS21 collection, taking traditional English tailoring to the next level by adding her on indistinguishable flair and setting new rules for how her fashion should be released. She stated that her label would no longer be running through seasons - whereby the customer makes their own rules to decide what should be worn for any time of the year.

Milan Fashion Week

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Italy particularly hard at its peak, and as the nation recovers from its effects, designers around the country have made it a point to focus on renewal and perseverance as core themes. Italy's finest showed up in numbers, including stunning shows from Prada, as well as in-person shows amid relaxed regulations by Fendi.

Dolce & Gabbana wanted to circumvent travel restrictions to Italy by introducing a patchwork collection that pays homage to visual influences evoked by Italy, and more specifically, Sicily. Their collection features a mix of tradition, lavishness, and comfort - all showcased in a live show with a colourful mosaic serving as a backdrop. We also love the fact that D&G used remnants of fabric from previous shows to make their show more sustainable.


With the COVID-19 pandemic locking down Italy for quite some time, designers have taken the time to reflect on the past, taking a look back at past designs and archives. Versace's latest SS21 collection features Donatella Versace customizing Gianni Versace's Spring 1992 collection, building upon the aquatic motifs that characterized that collection.

Paris Fashion Week

The grand finale to Fashion Week is always located at arguably the capital of fashion, Paris. As with the other Fashion Weeks held around the world, quarantine rules have caused crowds to severely lessen compared to previous Fashion Weeks, and travel restrictions have resulted in an event mostly attended by locals.

Givenchy took the opportunity to showcase what was to come from new creative director Matthew Williams, after only having two months to come up with a collection due to the complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection paid homage to the history and aspirations of the Givenchy brand and aims to bring about a "sense of celebration" for those wearing the clothes.

Dior wanted their SS21 collection to be a reflection of the new normal - the new way of life that has arisen as a result of the pandemic. Rather than focus on fitted, tailored looks, comfort was the focus as loose fits and soft fabrics were favoured coupled with patchwork and collage prints. "We are living differently and staying more at home within our intimacy," said Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri. "Our clothes have to reflect this new style of life.”

Closing Notes

After almost a month's worth of festivities, we've finally come to the end of Fashion Week month 2020. Designers big and small have demonstrated innovative ways of showing their collections, giving this year's Fashion Week the same level of extravagance and creativity despite the lack of crowds.

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