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Leather trends for Spring/Summer 2021

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The recent Fashion Week month opened our eyes to how fashion designers around the world were adapting to the new normal in the midst of a pandemic rocking our world. There was a distinct focus on rekindling the joy of fashion, a celebration of the opportunities to dress up to go out and boost one's confidence. On the other end, designers keyed in on comfort with snuggly outfits meant to highlight the additional time

spent indoors.

We're interested in all things leather and bags - so we're going to take a deep dive into the trends shaping the Spring/Summer 2021 season!

Size matters

Sizable bags, big or small, were a huge hit at Fashion Week. Designers such as Valentino, Peter Do, and Khaite took large bags to an extreme by introducing carryable jumbo leather handbags worn on the runway.

On the other end, Chanel took things to the extreme by presenting a new range of small, charm-sized bags with a whimsical approach to putting playfulness over practicality in their designs.

We weren't lying about size.

Weaving with style

Woven bags were shown to be a hot trend in Spring/Summer 2021, with Fendi, Dior, Loewe and more introducing their own take on woven styles. This ranged from relaxed and loose netted bags to rigid, solid baskets, as designers unleashed their creative flair and worked their magic with the woven style.

Some designers like Valentino or Burberry took this to an extreme with the introduction of woven leather or crystal embellishments to their woven selections, adding a posh touch to a traditionally casual bag design.

Woven with style.

Refining everyday classics

Leather was a big focus for multiple designers not just in bags, but in clothes too. Everyday classics were transformed with a premium leather touch added to them, such as Paco Rabanne's maxi skirts and midi dresses from Gabriela Hearst. This helps to differentiate from the all-too-familiar light and comfort pieces that shape our indoor living experience during these times, as designers aim to add a tinge of luxury to our everyday wear.

Altuzarra S/S21

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