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Case Study - Chanel Timeless Mini Chain Around Shopper Tote

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Did you know that the iconic Chanel leather chain originated when Gabrielle Chanel got tired of holding her bags in her hands and losing them? So, she added a strap and wore them over her shoulder, changing fashion history. Decades later, we sure aren’t tired of the iconic chain.

Chanel is an enduring icon within the high fashion world, with bags such as the Classic Flap or the Chanel Boy being instantly recognizable. Bag aficionados adore both the iconic bags and the rarer pieces, today we will be looking at the Quilted Timeless Chain Around Shopper Tote.

Pictured is Miranda Kerr (of Victoria’s Secret and Project Runway fame) at Paris Fashion Week, she has been frequently seen carrying this particular bag and it is probably her favorite. We can see why, the timeless chain gracefully trims the edges of the tote, giving the shopper tote a secondary highlight to the diamond quilt and large CC logo. A tasteful and practical design that allows you to carry Paris with you.

Honest Crafters received one such Chain Around Shopper Tote in Silver. Although generally well-maintained, it lost some lustrous sheen and developed mould overtime while stored. Our cleaning team went to work with our patented mould removal techniques, and handed it over to the colour team to restore its shine. Check out the before and after below!

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