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What you NEED to know - Anti-Bacterial Coat for your Luxury Handbags

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

In these times of pandemic, sanitization and cleanliness have risen in salience for most of us. As we grow more hygiene-conscious about ourselves, we naturally extend our concerns to our belongings as well. In the last few months, Anti-Bacterial Coating or Treatment has been raved upon within our restoration industry. BEFORE you proceed with any offers of treatment for free, here is what you need to know.

Genuine Leather is organic, just like our own skin! It can dehydrate, it can crack, it can peel, it can be vulnerable to mold development – just like our own skin!

Point is – we would pay attention to what we put on our own skin and generally even take good care in its maintenance. Your leather handbags demand the same attention and care! Do not blindly take up promotions of Anti-Bacterial Coating or treatment, even if they are free.

Honest Crafters do not casually recommend even our own Anti-Bacterial Treatment to every bag. Of course, we can provide the service - but we do not push for it irresponsibly. For example, the Disinfectant Sanitizing Solution that we use is not suitable for Leather such as Suede or Nubuck. Recklessly applying chemicals to sensitive leather may cause more damage than what was originally meant to prevent.

Honest Crafters uses a quality disinfectant sanitizer solution from the United States, safe and suitable for your genuine leather – plus we will always be here for you to advise otherwise. Alternatively, we also have our own Leather Aftercare Kit available for purchase! Our Leather Conditioner – like all other things, is tailored with your best interests in mind. pH-balanced, non-alcoholic, and takes care of your supple leather without causing additional unwanted issues.

So next time, if you are offered a complimentary Anti-Bacterial treatment, take care to ask if what is offered is truly what is best for your luxury handbags. Take care to know that what is being applied onto your bags isn’t just a one-size-fits-all cheap solution – but genuinely and honestly thought out for your best interest.

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