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Honest Storage Advice!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

HonestTips for storage! Bags with a patent finish can melt in Singapore’s humid climate and cause the leather to become sticky. Remove straps and store them inside your bag before storage. This will prevent the strap from sticking to the bag over time. For chain straps, tuck them into the bag to prevent the metal from marking the leather.

Maintenance goes a long way in extending the longevity of luxury bags in humidity. Remember, genuine leather is organic and your bags will pick up bacteria, dust, and dirt invisible to the naked eye. Come to us to get your bags or other items professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Contact us for a bag spa NOW.

One of the popular ways of doing maintenance yourself is with our handy Leather Aftercare Kit! Includes; a pH-balanced cleansing gel to sanitize leather while keeping it moisturized, and a conditioner that protects your bags with gentle solutions to preserve that soft and supple touch. Imported exclusively for us from Italy, get your own Leather Aftercare Kit now!

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