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Case Study - Toyota Wish

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The Toyota Wish can be found commonly on Singaporean roads - it's perfect for families who need a convenient ride. Heavy wear on the seats can cause plenty of cracking and peeling of the leather surface, and this can be seen in this particular case. Our specialized leather colour restoration process helps to cover up these blemishes with careful application of leather dye and an extensive drying process. Finishing off with leather polish means the car is ready for the roads once again. Browse the images to see the Before/After.

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asif zahoor
asif zahoor
Jan 26, 2021

The lone main problem a high mileage Nissan Altima has is the CVT. The early units (2007 - 2010) can be all in or all out. Nissan had some extreme client sat issues with them, and they ventured up and broadened the guarantee significantly. I had both 2007 and 2010 and they basically traded the trans when it let go. Great on them. The Honda folks consistently made their issues my issues… . Honda once flew engineers out to take a gander at my car from their Ohio office, on the grounds that the auto up windows almost cut one of my Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual children fingers off. They at that point continued to disclose to me it was…

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