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Why we love pre-loved bags

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Pre-loved, second-hand, whatever you want to call it - these terms may leave a negative impression on some people.

After all, its associated with items in bad condition - whether it's through frequent use, or years of neglect. This has caused some people to favour purchasing new bags instead.

At Honest Crafters, we absolutely ADORE pre-loved bags, as it allows you to get fantastic value out of it no matter the condition. Let us explain why.

It can be restored

The first thing we do when we usually receive a pre-loved bag is to inspect its condition.

If your pre-loved bag looks like it's in tip-top condition, that's great - but what about a bag that doesn't look too good?

As leather restoration experts, trust us when we say 99% of bags can be salvaged and restored to at least a usable condition.

Common issues associated with pre-loved bags include dirt and mould, deformation, fraying, and discolouration. These issues can be easily resolved with a trip to a bag restorer like us! Our colour, cleaning, and repair team has seen and restored plenty of pre-loved bags that have come by our studio.

Restoring your pre-loved bag extends its longevity and maximizes its value.

It can be upcycled

For those that want a new look for their pre-loved bag, why not upcycle it to create something entirely new from scratch? This is useful especially for pre-loved bags that are in a bad condition, with hard-to-repair issues such as holes or tears in the leather.

We've created plenty of new items from pre-loved bags, such as this lovely custom round bag made from a pre-loved Louis Vuitton duffle.

Where do I get pre-loved bags?

The pre-loved bag market is HUGE! There are plenty of options available whether you're an online shopper or someone who loves to do their shopping in person.

Notable consignment stores in Singapore include Madam Milan, StyleTribute, Luxury City and The Attic Place.

Online, there's options such as Rebag, Reebonz, The RealReal and Fashionphile.

If you need your leather items serviced, why not get it serviced with Honest Crafters? Click here to get started!

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