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3 fashion brands that are committed to sustainability

In a world of material waste and luxuries, sustainability is starting to become a big topic in fashion.

Indeed, more and more brands are taking the next step and committing towards sustainability initiatives, whether it's through making use of plastic-free material in their collections, or utilising upcycling with bits of well-worn materials to create something unique.

Today, we're taking a look at 3 brands who are fully committed to sustainability and making the most of their efforts count.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela has consistently broke boundaries when it comes to promoting sustainability in the fashion world. For starters, the brand introduced their new project Recicla which makes use of handpicking pieces from goodwill and thrift shops, transforming them into something brand new and unique.

The word 'recicla' is a portmanteau that combines recycle and replica, taking inspiration from the house's Replica line. The Reclica allows director John Galliano to take vintage clothing and transforms them into new and relevant pieces for a new collection.

Some innovative uses include using leftover leather from handbags being used for their 5AC bags, taro leaves being used to weave wicker bags, and sheared coats sewn with dresses.


Gucci has committed to being carbon neutral since 2018 - a big landmark for a fashion house taking steps towards sustainability. It's undertaken initiatives to bring carbon-natural initiatives to their supply chain, mitigating climate change, creating a positive impact socially and economically while protecting wildlife and their habitats are some of the

Recently, Gucci introduced a new Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio that ensures critical forests, farming landscapes, and mangroves are properly protected and regenerated. They also aim to invest in sustainable agriculture throughout their supply chain, and encourage farmers to utilise best practices in agricultural regeneration.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Legendary designer Jean-Paul Gaultier resigned from the fashion industry with a bang in 2020, with the unveiling of his final collection featuring upcycled sustainable pieces at Paris Fashion Week 2020.

Along with Maison Margiela's John Galliano, he believes that garments and couture pieces should never be thrown away and tossed into a landfill. He wanted to make a statement at his last show, creating skirts made from recycled black silk stockings, biker jackets cut into mini-skirts, and cutting up old denim pieces such as jeans or jackets to create unique adornments for his models.

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