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""My coach bag was badly affected with mould but I really couldn't bear to throw it away. After sending it for treatment at Honest Crafters, the bag is now okay for use again! Not only do I not have to throw the bag away, I can even use it now! Really happy with it, thanks Honest Crafters!"

- Ning

"My handbag's zipper was always coming off but never had I thought of sending it for repair as I thought it would be at least $100 - $200. But this bag has sentimental value to me so I sent it for repair nonetheless. To my surprise it only costs me $49! They really do live up to their promise of honest prices!''

- Jen Koh

"I almost gonna give up on my Gucci wallet but Honest Crafters make it alive again.

My Gucci wallet looked so brilliant and as good as brand new after the colour touch up by Honest Crafters. The leather looks very flawless.

I definitely will recommend all my bag lover's friends to Honest Crafters for professional bag services.

Brilliant Honest Crafters and thank you to saved my Gucci wallet."

- Eunice Ng

"Got an antique LV bag but the lining is all gone. Sent it in to Honest Crafters, waited for a few weeks and the result is fantastic! Brand new lining now!"

-Nur Shidah

"My purse had some serious de-colouration and I was told by a few shops that the only way is to dye the entire wallet to black colour to salvage it.


Turns out it can actually be saved by a colour touch up!!


Thankfully my colleague told me about Honest Crafters and my wallet is saved! First I don't have to change colour for my wallet and next, it's cheaper than having to dye the whole wallet! Thanks guys!' 

- Jocelyn Tay

" My favorite pair of Ferragamo Heels were giving way after wearing them for close to 2 years, i couldn't bear to throw them away but the soles had lost their grip,

but the team at Honest Crafters did a great job with the sole and heel replacement, it's as good as new!! 10/10 would recommend!"


- Shannon Siew

"I found my old LV bucket in my wardrobe but to my dismay the leather had begun cracking quite severely. I was angry with myself for not taking care of this bag properly.

Thankfully, i found out about Honest Crafters from Facebook and just wanted to try my luck to see if they could save my bag.

Turns out they did with a full Vachetta replacement! Now my bag looks as new as ever even after 5 years! Bravo Honest Crafters!"

- Melissa Heng

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