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Why we created our Leather Aftercare Kit

May 6, 2020



We are extremely excited about the launch of our very own - Honest Crafters Leather Aftercare Kit. 


As leather connoisseurs and with years of experience, we have come across and experimented with a wide range of products. After getting down into the nitty-gritty of ingredients, various formulations, and figuring out what works best, we have come up with our own!


So, why did we create this Aftercare Kit? We have 3 main reasons:



1. Sustainability and Value for Money 


We see buying fashion items like a leather bag or shoes as an investment and we should take care of them, hence leather aftercare is necessary. As we work on repair and restoration, we don't support the throwaway culture! Our mission is to extend the life of your precious belongings and enhance the value of your money. A win-win for you and our planet!



2. No More Nasties! 


As there are many products in the market that use harmful chemicals, it was important to us that ours was not only safe for use but eco-friendly.


Our pH-balanced formula maintains the pH range of leather itself, which cleans leather safely, as well as, the stitching and other fibers that hold leather together. It is also safe when in contact with human skin. Also, its ecological chemical emulsion forms a film that is homogeneous and creates a high-performance leather finish resulting in a healthier leather surface with no tacky residue. 



3. Accessible for all


Most of us own at least one item that is made out of leather. However, we understand that not all of us necessarily have the time and privilege to get our products professionally serviced. With our leather aftercare kit, it is a more affordable and accessible option as you can now do it from the comfort of your home. 



Our aftercare kit consists of:

*Leather conditioner + FREE Polishing Towel ($38.90) 

*Leather cleanser + FREE Sponder ($38.90)

+ A Step-By-Step Guide

*Purchase the complete kit for a 5% OFF + FREE Delivery!




Stay safe and stay at home, let us deliver them to you at your doorstep at no extra cost. Order now via our Whatsapp hotline 💬 : +65 94870688 / https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6594870688

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