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Not All Leathers Come Equal: A Guide to Leather Grades

May 13, 2020


As we know leather is one of the most sought after and commonly used textiles in fashion. From our designer bags and shoes to accessories and even apparel. Why? Apart from how good it looks, leather is known for its durability and flexibility. But not all leathers come equally, it is made from tanning different types of animal skins or hides. When it comes to price and quality, a general rule of thumb - what you pay, is what you get. 


Leather has four basic grades; full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, and corrected-grain leather.


Best Quality: "Full-Grain Leather" ($$$$)

Full-Grain leather is known for a luxurious, smooth and flawless surface. No buffing or sanding is used in the process to remove natural marks. Since the grains remain untouched, the natural fibers are stable, enabling the leather to breathe which produces less moisture and develops a patina layer instead. This thin layer protects the leather from damage, enhances durability and gives it that iconic "leather aesthetic" look.


Most Common: "Top-Grain Leather" ($$$)

Top-grain leather is the second-highest quality of high-end leather products. As compared to the full-grain, it is thinner and more flexible. The surface goes through sanding and buffing which makes it less breathable. A coat of pinna is developed in the process to protect it from damage and corrosion. his leather is most common because it is equally durable and readily available. 


Lowest in Quality: "Genuine Leather" ($$) 

Genuine leather is made from real leather. But under the classification of all real leather, genuine leather is the lowest in quality. Genuine leather is obtained from the leftover leather used to make high-end products. The products manufactured from genuine leather look subpar aesthetically and are not as durable. However, it is more affordable and widely available.


Least Common: "Corrected-Grain Leather" ($)

Corrected-grain leather is the least common. It is a special type of leather that is synthetically perfected by leatherworkers for better functionality and aesthetic purposes. An artificial grain is embossed on the surface, dyes or stain are used in the process. Any imperfections are sanded, buffed and corrected.  This type of leather is more affordable and widely available. 



As a leather artisanry, a majority of products we service are made from various types of leather; from cow, goat, sheep, and exotic ones. The expertise of our artisans expand beyond theoretical knowledge but boils down to experience and skills with different types and grades of leather.


We are consistently evolving, testing and sampling different restoration techniques to ensure the highest quality of work. Each piece we work on is a customized and bespoke service of skillset. Just like many things in life, we believe there is no one size fits all solution. 


Let us be the trusted solution to your leather woes and restore your beloved leather goods with us today! Leave us a message via our WhatsApp Hotline: 9787 9271 / https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6597879271 .









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