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How we contribute to Fashion Sustainability: Closing the loop!

April 29, 2020

Fashion Sustainability is a global movement that aims reform the fashion system for the environment and greater social good. As fashion is moving towards environmental stability, we often hear terms like linear, recycling, circular economies and "closing the loop" but what does it all mean? Let's break it down. 



Linear Economy: "Take-Make-Waste" Model

The fashion industry, particularly fast fashion, operates on a linear model in order to keep up with rapid consumer demand. Fashion corporations like Zara and H&M profit of "shortening supply chains and securing direct control over design, production, and logistics, if not raw material supply” (Logistics Bureau).


Did you know? The fashion industry generates 13 kilograms of waste for every person on the planet. This model is not just wasteful; an increased usage of raw materials require land, water, oil and chemicals resulting in increased pollution from production. 



Recycling Economy: The Secondhand Model

In the recycling economy, fashion garments are given a second life span through re-sale and re-wear. On a global scale, there has been an increase in popularity for secondhand shopping and a rise of thrift stores and op-shops. However, this does not solve the waste problem as garments essentially end up in landfill.



Circular Economy: Closing the Loop!

There are key components that make up the circular economy as it comprises all stages of the garment life cycle from production and design, the use phase and disposal practices.

 A circular economy encompasses a closed loop supply chain; keeping minimal amount of clothing waste out of our landfills for as long as possible.


"A circular economy utilizes the recycling economy, by giving clothing an additional lifespan, but also repairing when possible." - Moda Verde



Where does Honest Crafters fit in this model? We are part of the "Use Phase". 


We do so my repairing, restoring and refashioning pieces, and adding value to give them a second life. This is an essential component of closing the loop and working towards a circular economy and minimise the amount of waste that goes to our landfill.





We aim to help people reuse their fashion items, instead of simply throwing it way. At Honest Crafters, we specialise in leather products bags, shoes, wallets, you name it. 



Join us in taking that conscious step in the right direction to reduce waste, and save our planet. Find out how you can give one of your pre-loveds a new lease of life today! Leave us a message via our WhatsApp Hotline: 9787 9271 / https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6597879271 .







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