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Moulds and Colour Restoration

March 15, 2020

Hello everyone! We hope you are excited of what we have prepared for this coming week.


As a specialist in Leather products' repair and restoration, Honest Crafters have noticed consistent patterns that our clients have faced through the various items that were sent for servicing. Other than daily wear and tear, replacing or repairing of faulty bag parts, we also noticed multiple common issues across the cases.


It is inevitable when leather products' condition are compromised by daily usage. Fortunately, it is possible to restore them back to their original condition - the initial state when you first landed your hands on them. 


Today, we will focus on discussing a few of the common problems our clients usually face with their prized possessions, and how we can salvage them! 



1. Mould Removal 


You have carefully stored away your prized possessions, until an important occasion is coming up. As you attempt to retrieve it, horror revealed itself: moulds growing on your bags and wallets!


Does this sound familiar? Moulds are arguably the most unsightly problem we know that exists. Although the mould stains are harmless, it affects the overall appearance of your loved products and greatly diminish their charm. Lucky for you, our Crafters are able to remove most mould stains, subjected to the condition and the material of your bags, wallets, shoes and more. 

Are Moulds on your bags a common sight? Let Honest Crafters fix this for you. 


 Your dainty bag coated in mould? Leave it to us to do the job!
For this precious one, we did a complete Mould Removal and Colour Restoration to reinstate its former glory. Definitely looking better than ever before!


 After our full Mould Removal process!
Sparkling clean and ready to rock.


Your prized possessions are especially subjected to moulds in our Singapore weather because of our high humidity. High degrees of moisture in the air also means the item can disintegrate over time. Store your prized possessions in a cool and well-ventilated space!



2. Colour Restoration


Discolouration can occur due to various reasons - daily wear and tear, scuffing, colour transfer, stains, the way it is being stored and more.  

Edge Colour Restoration for this bold red bag. 


To fix bag and wallet discolouration, we are able to do a Colour Restoration touch up on the affected areas, be it spots or patches, depending on the condition of the item. 



Fancy a new wallet colour? It's like having a brand new wallet, except you do not have to buy a new one, just the same old classic you have been rocking with! 


 Stains on your colourful patent bags? No problem!


Feel confident again with a new coat of colour for your worn Wallet!

In this case, we did a Metallic Colour Restoration for one of our client. 



We hope this enlightened you and your knowledge of understanding! Now, if you notice any distress your prized possessions may be experiencing, you know who to look for. Honest Crafters to the rescue!







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