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February 28, 2020

Hey everyone, hope all of you are doing well this week! Everyone still eating good food and drinking lots of water yes? The virus condition can really be unpredictable these days so remember to take your multi vitamins! Today I want to take you behind the scenes of Honest Crafters. I’ll walk you through how we manage your bags down to the actual servicing and even provide you some tips along the way!


1. Inquiry


  • This is the first step to getting started to saving your bag. If you’ve seen our ads on Facebook or Instagram and decided to message us from there then great. You can also find us on Google if you were to search up “bag repair”. Our hotline team would respond to you within 1-3 days where we would diagnose your bags based on the photos that you send us so it is important to take good photos so we can make a more thorough assessment.





2. Drop-Off


  • Once you have received a reference code for your bag you may proceed to our store in Raffles City Shopping Centre #02-08/08A to drop off your bags and meet our counter staff to clarify any further questions that you have as well to make payment. You can also see some of our BYOB bags on display featuring exotic leather like ostrich leather to good old classics like calf. These bags are for sale so if you see something you like don’t hesitate to get it before it runs out (our bags are made in a very limited quantity)!

 3. Processing & Servicing


  • Once your bags are in our store they will be transported to our workshop for an individual tagging (so your bags are not mixed up) as well as processing where they are then sorted into the various services like colour restorations, repairs and replacements as well as cleaning for mould. Check out this video for a behind the scenes look at how we care for your bags.



4. Quality Check


  • After all the services are done, our Lao Ban Niang does a personal Quality Check to ensure that the bags are refurbished and restored to the best condition so you’ll be receiving nothing but the highest quality of craftsmanship from us.




5. Collection


  • If you have opted for a delivery then sit back and relax as we contact you to confirm our delivery timing, your bag is on its way. If not, our sales representative will message you to inform you that your bag is ready for collection at our store.


6. Enjoy


  • It’s time to enjoy your newly refurbished and restored bag! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @honestcrafters and we’ll feature you on our page! Show off your new bags and let the stares of admiration come!



If you have any more questions feel free to contact me or my team at our hotline and we look forward to hearing from you soon! I’ll see you all next week! But if you can’t wait till then here are some other articles to keep you entertained!

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