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A Closer Look: General Cleaning at Honest Crafters

February 7, 2020

Hope everyone is enjoying your week! Have you ever been curious about the details of our cleaning services when you send in your bags? We have all personally tried cleaning our bags right after an accidental spill in an attempt to salvage the outlook of the bag. Sometimes our efforts aren't merely as useful and it may even worsen the existing stain. Aside from the stains that are visible to the naked eye, did you know that your bags are also exposed to bacteria regularly? Today I'd like to share with you deeper insights on our cleaning services.


Increasing Effectiveness

We begin by brushing off the dirt and dust particles around the bag. This will help to speed up  subsequent steps of the cleaning process! Recall how we usually sweep our houses using a broom and cleaning wipes before proceeding to mop it? That's exactly the same in this instance! We have to ensure that all the debris are off the bag (especially the tight corners!) before we apply any special cleaning agent!


Working Our Magic

We have an extensive range of different cleaning agents that are used for different situations (leather polish, mould removal, general cleaning)! Instead of applying our special soap onto the whole bag immediately, we always test it out on a small area to ensure that it does not damage the bag in any way. Rest assured, your bag's safety is our number one priority! There are times that the soap may not be effective in dealing with some heavy stains, but fret not, we have stronger agents that we use for heavy duty! Of course, we test it out on a small area before proceeding to prevent any potential damages!



Once we've done disinfecting the bag from bacteria and also removing occasional odour, we proceed with metal and leather polishing! Ever noticed that your metal hardware contain certain black spots? Our metal polish will greatly improve the state of the oxidised parts. Following up with leather polish and top coat, this will help to moisturize and protect the condition of the leather to give it a better effect.


Ready For Collection

Now that your bag is looking fresher than ever, we keep it neatly packed in one of our dust bags and send it down to our shop located at Raffles City Shopping Centre shortly after! From there, it is ready for collection! 


Here at Honest Crafters, we provide excellent cleaning services for you! Equipped with the right tools and skills, our crafters will give your bags the restoration it deserves. The process may seem rather short on paper but do note that we take our time with each bag to improve the quality of the end result! Fancy giving your bag a spa? Don't hesitate to contact us today! Oh and yes we do cleaning for your shoes and wallets as well!

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