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A Closer Look: On-site Sofa Restoration

January 18, 2020


What's up everyone! Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Are you guys as excited as we are? We know how often your relatives will be visiting during this festive period. Without a doubt, they will definitely be hanging around your living room and sitting down on your beloved leather sofa, right? All the constant pressure from their body weight will eventually result in quicker wear and tear.

Similar to the likes of a Sharkie Visit, our team of skillful craftsman and specialists will actually head down to your house and get your sofa restored within the same day. While we do not advertise our sofa services as much as the other services but we do offer restoration and repair services for sofas to the best of our ability. In this article, we will cover the process as well as details of what we do and do not provide!


First Off..
When we arrive at your place, you can expect us to have a second look (assuming that you have already shown us photos of the affected area online) at your seat to ensure that the damages are identical to the ones that we saw online. *Do note that additional charges may apply if you wish for certain areas to be done that were not previously declared!


After confirmation, our crafters will proceed to work their magic! The service duration usually stretches from 3 hours up to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the affected area and the size of the sofa.


Delivering The Most Optimal Results

Did you know that there are some leather sofas with two-tone colors which contributes to a marble-like texture finish on the leather? Well, for these cases, we would recommend giving the sofa a thin coat of paint so as to preserve the integrity of the sofa. The sofa will be given a thin layer which will not cover its original texture but will greatly enhance it's appearance


A Common Misconception

Most of the misunderstandings we encounter are the misconception that we provide reupholstery services for the leather wrap of your sofa. Unfortunately we do not! Our area of specialties revolve around patching and stitching work, followed by color restoration to give it a fresh look again!

We hope that we have provided everyone of you with a better understanding behind our sofa services! If you still have any inquiries regarding our sofa services, you may contact us here!


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