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HC Unique Picks: December

December 21, 2019

Welcome back to a segment we call HC Unique Picks! It's been awhile seen we last did an article like this. If you missed the previous unique picks, do check them out here.


You guys know how this works, right? We showcase some of the cases that set themselves apart from the others based on the following criteria: Transformation, Uniqueness, and Rarity. Without further ado, let's dive into it, shall we?


1. Louis Vuitton Sling Bag

You can pretty much imagine the looks on our faces when we received this bag. The question that most of us asked was not whether we were able to restore the zip. The greater mystery was how the zip of the bag ended up in this condition in the first place! One would assume that the bag would be sent in for repair before the zip actually reached this stage. Nevertheless, we did not probe too much into the owner's privacy but typing this out definitely made me curious again!


2. Jacquemus Mini Bag

This was undoubtedly the smallest handbag we have ever cleaned. It was made from suede which make stains even harder to remove. Thank goodness the stain was minor! Smaller items are not necessarily the easiest to clean as using excessive force may easily result in damages. Curious to know how small the bag actually is? Let's just say that smartphones would not be able to fit in!


3. Bottega Venetta Belt

After assessing the condition of this belt, we were a little skeptical in restoring this item. As this belt meant alot to our customer, we took it back to our workshop and attempted to salvage it nevertheless! As the belt is free fitting, this resulted in the tearing of the leather at that particular area on the belt (the area where the customer usually tightens the belt). After several days of careful patching followed by leather polishing, our crafters managed to painstakingly restore the belt to it's original look as best as possible. Bottega Veneta must be extremely skilled to craft these weaving patterns because it was definitely a challenge for us!


4. Balenciaga City Bag

We all know that one of the more common and go-to bags is definitely the Balenciaga City bag! However, we hardly receive any that comes in white and a funky design on it. From one glance, it does not look like there is anything wrong with the bag. Although the bag is in fine condition, the graphics on the bag were not. It would not be as much fun if I explained the services we did on this bag! Take a closer look at the photos and see if you're able to spot it! An uncommon design of the city bag collection nonetheless.


This concludes our picks for the month of December! Our staff at Honest Crafters would also love to wish you guys a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Interested to find out if we are able to restore your bags? Hit us up here!

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