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Gucci Fabrics That You Need To Know About

October 26, 2019

Admit it! There's nothing more iconic in the fabric department than Gucci's very own creations. Gucci has came a long way since its establishment in 1921. Over the years, Gucci has earned a name from manufacturing leather goods for horseback riders to reinventing unique styles with an array of fabrics in the world of fashion. Today we are going to cover some of their most sought-after fabrics and textiles! If you wish to check out the previous article we wrote about Hermes leathers, check it out here!


Gucci GG Canvas

Making its appearance in the mid 1960s and immediately recognized as the staple of luxury is the Gucci GG canvas! The diamond patterns formed with the double Gs have transcended the test of time and has proven to never go out of style. Crafted out of durable woven canvas and usually complimented with a leather trim, the feel and look of the Gucci GG canvas is and will be a customer favourite in time to come.


Gucci Guccissima

Curious what Guccissima means? It actually means "most Gucci" in Italian. Similar to the design of the Gucci GG Canvas, the pattern showcases the interlocking GG logo embossed in 2006 by Frida Giannini(Creative Director).


Gucci Microguccissima

The miniature version of the iconic Guccissima just as the term micro suggests! This pattern can commonly be found on both current and classic designs.


Gucci Vintage Web

Making its first appearance in the 1950's in red and green, this easily recognizable strip of fabric was one inspired by horse riding! The design was derived from a saddle girth.Throughout Gucci's accomplishments and success in the fashion industry, they have made used of this signature look in a wide range of colors and materials!



Gucci Diamante

Throwback to the 1930s when this pattern was first introduced, the Gucci Diamante was first woven onto hemp and used on luggage. It was initially used as an alternative solution for pre-war leather shortages, but it somehow became Gucci's first ever staple and a forerunner to the now famous GG logo! This pattern is available in both canvas and textured leather.



Gucci Flora


This famous flora silk print was designed especially for the Monaco princess Grace Kelly herself. With the introduction of this print, it slowly made its way onto other products such as bags, shoes and wallets. Despite receiving some criticism, it was still considered a success by fashionistas.The pattern is still around to date and available in different colors!


We hope this week's content has been informative for you and will help ease your decisions the next time you go shopping for any Gucci products! If you need already own a Gucci item(or any leather item) that needs restoration, do not hesitate to ask us anything! We'll be happy to help you out.


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