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The Differences Between Color Restoration And Redye

October 10, 2019


Greetings everyone, we hoped that you've recently gotten your bags cleaned as the weather has been a roller coaster ride these past few days. Lately, our specialists at the shop has been receiving many questions regarding the differences between our color restoration services and redye services. We understand that it can be a little confusing(misleading for some) so we're here to simplify and differentiate the services for you! After all, the last thing we want is to see our beloved customers struggling to decide the best course of action for their bags.


Color Restoration

Has your bag ever faced discoloration? More often than not, leathers that aren't well-conditioned will fail to withstand the test of time and the color eventually starts to fade. Color restoration will help in restoring it's current distasteful color back to what it originally was!


Usually we'd recommend providing a physical sample for color reference, otherwise our specialists will use the cleanest part on the bag as a color reference instead. It is important to note that coloring service does not actually repair the leather condition though! 



Tired of the current look of your bag? Before you toss it in your closet never to be used again, why not try on a different color for a change instead? This is where our crafters step in with our redye service! 

During your visit to our store or a home assessment from us, our specialists will provide you with a physical color palette/chart or color sample in pictures for references. However, it is important to note that pictures and photos may appear slightly dissimilar due to the lighting or environment! Just like getting our hair dyed to a different color, there are possibilities that the new color may slightly differ in comparison to the choice of color from the color chart. 

Do note that color changing is not recommended if there is harsh friction or deep scratches as the original base color may be exposed, leaving an unsightly crack.


We hope that this post has brought a little more clarity between the differences of these two services. Do continue to support us by reading our weekly newsletter! In the meantime, should you have any enquiries regarding color restoration or redye, feel free to contact us!

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