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HC Unique Picks: September

September 28, 2019

Welcome to a little segment I'd like to call HC Unique Picks! I'll be selecting a few unique cases that we received and sharing it with you all! Over the months, we have been receiving more and more stranger enquiries and items (keep them coming, we enjoy them). I thought about how intriguing it will be for our readers to see these cases whether it be amazing transformations, timeless vintage pieces or just uncommon items we received in general! Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the ones I've noted down.


1. Ice Skates

Never would I expect to receive an enquiry on a pair of mouldy ice skates when I walked in the office one day. I guess it can still be considered within our area of expertise as the material of the skates mainly consisted of leather. This is actually similar to the issues that handbags often face. We managed to proceed with the usual mould removal routine and also topped it up with a leather polish towards the end to keep it looking clean and fresh. However, the blades were a little scary for our crafters to clean!


2. Chanel Box

This is a vintage Chanel Box bag that we came across during one of our Sharkie Visits. My eyes immediately lit up when the owner walked out of the room with this beaut after telling us that she had one more item for us to take a look. Unfortunately, the structure of the Chanel Box was damaged and the lid could no longer close properly. After bringing it back to our workshop for further assessment, we were unable to come up with any solution to restore this item that wouldn't further risk damaging the box as it was made of acrylic. We delivered the box back to its owner in the days to follow. Imagine how epic it would have been if we were able to fix that!


3. Leather Chair and Footstool

The condition of the chair wasn't very serious based on the photos the customer sent, but boy were we so wrong when we reached his house! Honestly, we did not expect to see a serious tear on the footstool. It was a challenge for our crafters as we usually do minor patching and color restoration! I'm proud of my crafters for producing such an amazing end result. It took the whole afternoon but the customer was ecstatic. For my crafters and I, that is satisfying enough for us!


That's all for this month's segment of our Unique Picks. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did writing it. You can expect to see more of such postings soon! If you have any unique case for us to take a closer look at, we will be happy to do so!

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