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Leather Spotlight - Suede

September 20, 2019

It's been awhile since we did the leather spotlight for Patent leather. We are excited to dive into a leather commonly found in our boots, sofas and even gloves! Presented in a more rustic fashion, Suede leathers are often sought after for its soft delicate texture and vintage appearance. In this article, you can expect to find out how suede leather came about and also tips on caring for it!


What Is Suede?

 Suede, unlike most leathers, possesses a fuzzy texture with a napped finish. If you haven't felt suede in your life, I'd recommend going down to the nearest Timberland shop to get a good feel as most of their footwear and jackets contain suede!


Did you know?

The term Suede derives from the French gants de Suède, which literally translates to "gloves from Sweden". Eventually, the term was used to describe any leather with a napped surface.


Although not as durable as other leathers, suede leather is much softer and flexible in comparison. The reason stems from the fact that it is made from the underside of the animal skin instead from the usual outer skin layer. Lambskin is often used to make suede but other animals such as goats, pigs and calves are also commonly used. In recent years, the rise in suede's popularity has elevated its association with high-end luxury.


How Is It Made?

In order to obtain thin and flowy suede leather, the separation of the underside of the animal skin from the top is pivotal. However, some leather manufacturers will simply turn the leather hide so that the underside is on the outside, taking on the appearance of the suede but with a more rigid quality of the leather. 


Caring For Suede

One unfortunate disadvantage of this particular leather is that it is absorbent! Due to its brushed and hairy textured nature with open pores, the material is able to quickly absorb liquid and dirt. Do not let it come in contact with water or dirt or else it will ruin the texture of the suede leather. In addition, water marks are almost impossible to remove entirely!


If you're planning on cleaning your suede stuff, always make sure to check the label of your product for the cleaning instructions. It is important to brush it with light strokes while using a suede brush so that the bristles are able to get deep into the fibers due to textured nature of the leather.



An effective way to prevent dirt and water from staining your beloved suede handbags or shoes is to send it to us for our nano coating services! We'll apply a coating over it to deter any liquid from seeping into the leather. You'll never have to worry about stepping into puddles of water by accident again! 


Hope you guys have learnt a little more about your suede leather products! Stay tuned for more leather spotlights in the future!


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