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A Beginner's Guide To Hermès Leathers

September 6, 2019

It is almost any woman's dream to own a Hermes bag in her lifetime. Hermes has been widely known for their array of fine quality leather. Their collection has more varieties stored in their catalog than any other luxury brand across the globe! Currently featuring at least close to 30 different leather types, it's normal to feel extremely daunting to learn all their names, their qualities and which ones may be most suitable for you at first! After reading this guide, I'm fairly confident that you'll gain a better understanding on some of Hermes trademark leathers before your next purchase.



Probably the staple of all Hermes leathers, Togo leather stands out as the crowds' favourite and is commonly used for Birkins. It is made out of baby calfskin, which makes its weight relatively light and smooth-to-the-touch. Apart from being able to hold its shape well, the fine grained leather is also resistant to scratches. A huge plus point is that damaged Togo leather can be easily refurbished which definitely makes it the best bang for the buck in the long term.



This micro grain leather is really soft and does a great job soaking up colors which makes it particularly pretty in bright colors. However due to its smooth texture, it is vulnerable to scratches but most of which are able to be rubbed away!



If you're looking for something more casual, then Clemence may just be it. Made out of baby bull hides, bags produced with this flat-grained leather will possess a slightly relaxed and slouchier look. Deemed as one of Hermes more popular leathers, it's also soft and resistant to scratches but slightly heavier than the others Hermes has to offer. Unfortunately, Clemence isn't water resistant so careful with your water bottles!



Fancy something more durable are easier to maintain? Unlike the other leathers Hermes offers, Epsom is a popular stamped-grain leather which isn't soft but it is still lightweight and maintains a more structured appearance. It is relatively easy to clean and durable at the same time.


If you're looking for tips on how to care for your beloved handbag, you may just find it here!



Ironically not water resistant, Alligator leather can be spotted in both matte or glossy finishes. If you're having a tough time distinguishing alligator from crocodile, just remember that alligator scales lack the dot-sized pores present on every crocodile scale! Typically less expensive than crocodile leather, Alligator leather is still considered an exotic leather and should be handled with care. On the side note, the matte version of the leather is more costly than the glossy version!


Box Calf

The Box Calf leather are commonly used for vintage handbags. Unlike most of Hermes leathers, it has a smooth and glossy finish. Just like Epsom leather, it also holds the shape of the bag really well due to its rigidness. I would strongly suggest against taking it out on a rainy day as it is highly susceptible to water stains and scratches!


In Conclusion..

There are still an abundance of leather that Hermes uses that we have yet to touch on. However I hope that this guide has been eye-opening for most of you readers and will better aid you in your future decisions on purchasing one of Hermes handbags. If you're curious to know more about leather and what not, drop us a message and we'll be happy to respond to  your enquiries!

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