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An Alternative For Leather Car Seat Reupholstery

November 7, 2019


Everyone who owns a car knows the trouble that comes with getting our car seats reupholstered. Leaving your car at a workshop for days or even weeks has caused inconvenience to those of us who drive to work or send our kids to school. 


What if I told you that there was a better solution to cover those cracked markings or restore the discoloration areas on your car seats?


Before I let you in on that little secret, lets touch on what car reupholstery is.


What Is Car Seat Reupholstery?

Car Seat Reupholstery is the process of replacing the old car seat materials with new ones, adding necessary foam and batting where needed and repairing springs if needed.


Reupholstery isn't necessarily a bad thing if your car seat is in extremely dire condition! However, what if there's only a few spots that need a touch up or improvement? It can be expensive and less efficient to reupholster the entire car seat over a small patch that needs restoration.


Apart from that, exotic cars which have their brand logos printed on the car seats will either be irreplaceable or extremely costly. Nowadays, with technology being installed into our car seats, it makes reupholstery much more sensitive and risky. It may potentially damage the hardware functions and cause it to be unresponsive.


Where We Step In

We, Honest Crafters, provide your leather car seat with the necessary repair and restoration for a lower cost in comparison to reupholstery.

We apply a soft leather filler for your cracked seats to ensure it remains comfortable to sit on as well as color on the discoloration areas to keep it looking good as new!

All these services can be done within a day and we will not be removing the seat from your car!



If you're looking for a cheaper alternative or viable way to preserve the integrity of your car seat! We go by appointment basis so don't take too long, contact us today!


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