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Are We Really Moving Towards Sustainability?

August 2, 2019


How's everyone doing? It's been awhile since our last post on sustainability! As fans of fashion, we tend to plan and splurge on things that gives us aesthetic joy and improves the way we showcase ourselves in the eyes of the public. We often cook up various reasons to justify why our compulsive and over-the-top purchases are fine. However, we all know our actions have consequences! Did you know that even in the area of sustainability, there are certain drawbacks? I recently attended a workshop about sustainability earlier this month titled 'The Circular Economy: Fiction or Attainable Ideal'. Today, I'd like to share some interesting findings I've learnt!



Being seated in a room full of sustainable enthusiasts and also being a bag fanatic myself, I couldn't help but notice the handbags that the women were carrying. Majority of them were sighted carrying tote bags that were made of canvas material while only a handful were carrying luxury bags. Anyone could tell that these people were extremely passionate about the environment at first glance.



Ever heard of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? Each of these Rs actually help to make up the Circular Economy. For anyone who's wondering what the Circular Economy means, the picture above represents the entire process! The workshop began with an explanation on where our products went after we got rid of them. They used clothing as a primary example as it was something that everyone needs and can relate to. A commonly known disadvantage of going sustainable is that it can be very expensive. As the road to sustainability is a long one, partnerships are essential in order for us to progress. Just imagine how much money we'll spend if we followed through with the entire process ourselves! 



The Q&A was probably the most interesting as the they were asked questions such as "Why do you think companies don't integrate sustainable practices within their organizations?" and "How do we get started from where we are?". One interesting point that I picked out is that most despite some companies' efforts to use recyclable materials such as plastic bottles found on beaches, a dire concern is that there actually certain companies that manufactures items that look like recyclable materials. Can you believe it?! This means that some manufacturers out there are shockingly replicating these "plastic bottles" washed up on shores and selling it to companies! 


While solutions are still being brainstormed regarding these concerns, fortunately for us, we are in the leather industry. We can still do our part in preserving the environment no matter how small!


Fun Fact:

It is relatively easier for a smaller companies to integrate sustainability into their business framework!


This is why we encourage you to send us your bags, shoes and wallets for repairing and restoration instead of purchasing a new one and also partly why we started Honest Crafters today! Let us work together in making our planet a more eco-friendly and sustainable place to live in! 





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