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5 Common Problems Every Handbag Owner Must Know About

October 1, 2019


Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to our weekly newsletter! As most of you know, here at Honest Crafters we receive many different types of leather bags, shoes and wallets. The items are sent in for a variety of reasons. Out of all the issues I've seen up to date, I would like to share with you some of the most common problems that the handbags I have received are facing!



Have you noticed strange spots growing on your bag? Those are not stains or dirt! There is a pretty good chance that your bag may be in need of some mould removal service. You may have tried doing your own scrubbing but removing the spots doesn't necessary mean you have removed the bacteria that is in the leather! If you'd like to find out more about the causes and preventive measures for mould, read about it here!



Edges Wear and Tear

It is perfectly normal for the edges along our coveted bag to erode overtime. Although leather polishing can only prolong the lifespan of the edges, it will still wear eventually. Did you know that the edges are actually one of the most sensitive areas on the bag? It is no wonder we receive alot of enquiries pertaining to our edge recoating services!



Faded Color

Everyone who has ever owned a handbag (or any leather item) for many years is no stranger to the fading of color. Color fading can occur for several reasons! As the weather here in Singapore is extremely humid and sunny, exposure to sunlight as well as body sweat may contribute to the fading. To fully restore the color of the handbag, the best solution is to get a full redye!



Spoilt Zipper

Nothing can be more frustrating than a zipper that is unable to fully close! Although they were manufactured to work smoothly, some of us unlucky ones will still encounter glitches along the way. Whether it is a missing tooth or an adjustment of the zip pull, we know how you feel. Some causes of these issues may be due to prolonged periods of use and lack of care and waxing for your zippers.



Torn Areas



Handbags, for the most part, are subjected to wear and tear based on the regularity the bag is being used. It's no surprise that one night after returning home from a party, you realize a part of your bag has been slightly torn! Areas that are usually torn would be the strap holders as well as the inner lining. Stitching done by a professional would be ideal for this situation as I'm quite sure you wouldn't risk damaging the fabric or leather of your bag by doing it yourself!


That's all for today folks! There are ways to prevent problems like these from occurring but if you require professional general cleaning, repairing or restoration for your bag, please do not hesitate to contact us here! One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you! :)





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