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Iconic Louis Vuitton Leathers and Prints

July 10, 2019


What is one brand that immediately pops up in our heads when I mention "branded handbags/wallets"? I think majority of us will naturally agree that Louis Vuitton automatically crosses our minds! We all can relate to the feeling of getting our first Louis Vuitton handbag. The timeless classic look as well as its known durability makes it an iconic staple in the world of fashion. Below I have created a short informative guide on the different types of Louis Vuitton leather and prints that has left a notable footprint on our minds!



1. Monogram Canvas


Looking for a print that oozes sophistication and vintage feels at the same time? Made up of interlinked Ls and Vs and also complimented by Japanese-like flower patterns, the monogram canvas is probably the most recognizable design in the fashion industry today! This iconic design is deemed as a Louis Vuitton classic. Over many years, this canvas has proven to be very durable as well as water-resistant.

Monogram canvas bags usually have some form of vachetta leather attached to it. If you're unsure of what vachetta leather is, you may read about it here! Another bonus is that this canvas is relatively easy to take care of. Wiping it with a damp cloth usually does the trick if you're thinking of cleaning it!



2. Damier Ebene Canvas


What if you want something on the low-key side, a print that is more subtle and doesn't scream as loudly as the monogram canvas, you can check out the Damier Ebene canvas. This textured leather has a pattern which combines 2 shades of brown or graphite to give it a chocolate bar-like feel.


Just like the monogram canvas, the Damier Ebene canvas is also water-resistant and durable. It has the same caring procedures as well.



3. Damier Azur Canvas


Made of the same canvas material as the Damier Ebene, Damier Azur is a lighter counterpart in terms of color. The only downside is since it is a light-colored canvas, it is susceptible to noticeable color transfers if exposed to clothing that is not colorfast for a long period of time. 

Damier Azur bags usually have vachetta leather handles or trims attached to it as compared to Damier Ebene which is mostly accompanied by handles and trimmings made out of cowhide.


Did you know?


The word Damier actually stands for "checkerboard" when translated to English.



4. Epi Leather


If you are someone who values sturdiness and durability, then I highly suggest the Epi leather products from Louis Vuitton. The leather has a firm and unique ripple-like texture which sets it apart from other common Louis Vuitton leather prints.

This leather also requires lesser maintenance which makes it an ideal travel companion! Cleaning it is hardly a hassle as only a damp cloth is required to wipe it. The only drawback of this leather is that it is prone to scuff marks but luckily these marks are not very prominent on black Epi products.



5. Empreinte Leather


Perhaps a softer leather appeals more to you? Another variation of Louis Vuitton's trade mark monogram is the Empreinte leather! It has a soft and smooth grainy texture that is made out of calf leather.

Don't be fooled by its softness though! It is surprisingly durable and heavier than other prints! One of its attractive traits of this leather is that it actually softens over time. Most bags that are made of Empreinte leather does not have a firm structure.



6. Vernis Leather


Similar to patent leather, Vernis leather is made of calf leather and finished with a glossy texture which gives it a shiny look! This leather comes in a wide range of colors, some of which even comes with a slight glitter result.

Probably the most bothersome flaw is that the color can change if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Vernis leather is actually water-repellent as most of you can tell from its surface. Storing the bag or wallet in a proper storage place plays an important role in ensuring a long lifespan. A great tip is to store it in a dustbag, away from sunlight and anything that is not colourfast!



Talking about Louis Vuitton always gets me really excited! Of course there are even more leathers and prints that Louis Vuitton has came up with but I hope that this post has given you a better insight on some of LV's popular ones! If you are interested in learning more about how to take good care of your leather bags, you can check out this article we had written previously! Have an awesome week!






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