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5 Things to Take Note When Shopping for Designer Bags Online

July 3, 2019

It is no surprise that consumers are always looking for convenient ways to purchase their handbags. I'm sure we have all been guilty of creeping around the sale section in hopes to find the perfect designer bags at a reasonable discounted price. Some of the tips that I am about to share with you below should be second nature if you are an experienced online shopper of these bags, however let's not forget that it is always possible to lose your head when a sale takes place and forget everything you thought that you knew!


Keep Track on Important Dates

As much as there is no inconvenient time to do your online shopping, there are actually certain shopping seasons such as Black Friday and Great Singapore Sales that will give you an extensive selection of discounted in your favourite colors and sizes. It can be a tad overwhelming as the beginning of the sale season can be a little crazy due to the competition among shops! Nevertheless, if you are looking to splurge on designer bags then the best time to do it is definitely during the sale season.


Flexibility on Color

For the more popular bags, there are colors that a brand makes every season which are considered to be part of the permanent collection. These colors usually includes neutrals such as black, tan, or cream! On the other end of the spectrum, we have the seasonal colors that may only last for a single collection. The seasonal colors are likely to go on sale as they are unable to stick around when the new stock arrives. This is an avenue to save some money if customers shift their color expectations from, for example, black to grey! Although it is still possible to come across permanent colors on sale, their discounts are generally lower and require quicker decision making than their seasonal counterparts!


Consider Pre-Owned Options

If there is a bag you had your eyes on that never seem to go on sale, do not worry! At some point, someone who owns the bag may eventually get sick of it and put it up on sale! I've recently come to appreciate pre-owned designer bags as it feels so much kinder towards the environment as it is essentially recycling and reusing. You may also check out our article regarding sustainability here


Wait a Little Longer to See

Sometimes patience is a virtue! If you are aware that you have a unique taste in bags compared to your peers, it might be advantageous for you to wait it out a little to see if the retailer provides any additional discounts, especially after the first couple of weeks following its launch. The high-sought after bags will usually always disappear before prices drop any further, but if your tastes are slightly abnormal, chances are that you'll get a better deal if you wait a little longer. Furthermore, there are also occasions whereby retailers don't add their best stuff from their collection until after a few days after the launch, so don't lose heart the next time you don't see the bag you've been camping for! 


Don't Purchase a Designer Bag You Do Not Love Just Because It's On Sale

This is probably true when it comes to anything other than bags as well! We can all relate to that feeling of impulse where we lost all control just because we see a tag with 40% off. A word of advice to you shoppers online, it's way better to invest in a bag that you truly adore and buying it at full price than to have a closet full of bags that you got for a cheap price but only wore once or twice in your lifetime and resented afterwards!


That's all for this week guys! We hoped you enjoyed this week's post. Hopefully you keep all these information stored in your head the next time you do your online shopping! If you happen to have any leather products that you wish to restore and not throw away, send us a photo for your free assessment today! 





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