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A Comprehensive Guide To Caring For Leather Watch Straps

June 19, 2019


How often do you take a quick glance at your smartphone instead of your watches just to read the time? It's true that the future is steering towards everything digital, however, that doesn't mean that these classic timepieces are leaving the market just yet! Nowadays watches are not purchased for just their functional purposes but for creating fashion statements as well. When I'm engaging in a conversation with someone, their watch doesn't just communicate their success but also their personal fashion style. Personally, nothing exudes class and style more than a watch with leather straps! In this guide, I'll be running over some tips to prevent your leather straps from wearing quicker than they should.


Prolonging Measures


Leather is made from nature, and the condition of natural products are prone to deteriorate over time. Unlike metal or plastic, leather straps are sensitive to wetness and absorb water or sweat that comes with wearing it regularly. 


I recommend giving your watches a break by letting it dry properly after wearing it out. Taking off your watch before washing your hands also reduces the risk of it having any contact with water too! I usually wear my watch on my way to work but as soon as I'm seated at my desk, I take it off and let it rest there. It was definitely tough to develop this habit at first but better safe than sorry!


Smooth Leather Straps


As with other leather products such as handbags and shoes, leather is also sensitive to other elements such as heat and sunlight. You heard it, something Singapore is well known for! I suggest using leather conditioner after cleaning it to provide the strap with a protective layer against dirt, moisture and sunlight. Note that the spray should be faintly applied to the leather strap and then polished with a soft clean towel! If you're still worried about the risk of wetting your coveted possession, you may also use a waterproofing spray for extra protection to combat moisture.



Suede Leather Straps


Suede leather, as we all know, has a different texture compared to smooth leather. What does this mean? This means that suede leather straps have to be maintained differently as well! Take note that suede is porous! Therefore the leather is easily penetrated by air or liquid. Any accidental stains acquired by a suede leather strap may be nearly impossible to remove later on. I strongly recommend using a suede protection spray as suede can be damaged rather easily. A soft bristle brush can be used to gently remove some of the dirt and stains before cleaning it! You may also use a waterproofing agent designed for suede to further protect the leather.



Apart from these common leathers used for watch straps, some customers would rather wear a strap made from exotic leather due to its unique appearance and durability! You may check out one of our recent articles about exotic leathers to find out more!


Alright everyone! We hope that this article has been informative for all of you! Since we live in a hot and humid country like Singapore, your leather straps may require more cleaning due to perspiration. If you feel that your leather straps require restoration or replacement, we welcome you to contact us here for a FREE assessment today!





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