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5 Types of Exotic Leather to Look Out For

June 4, 2019

Hey there everyone! We're already midway into the year and we all know what's coming in the month of June! YES IT'S THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE! When we think of leather, what is the first animal that comes to our head? Almost all of the responses would be cow! It's true that majority of leather items are made of calf leather, but it's time we credit certain animals who have greatly impacted the world of fashion with their beautiful and majestic leather! 


Before we embark on our shopping conquest, let's take a look at leathers that designers and artisans are dying to get their hands on! Who knows? Maybe you'll end up getting your hands on one of these babies later on!



1. Crocodile/Alligator Leather


Crocodile leather is one of the most valuable and durable leathers and is often found in fashion lines of top brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many more! Despite having its up and down seasons, you never have to worry if these goods ever lose their value due to their timeless leather and craftsmanship. The scarcity of the leather is instrumental in determining its value!



That's not all! Did you know that crocodile leather actually comes in two distinguishable cuts?! A Back Cut which provides a rougher and more textured look and has a more durable and scaly feel. The Belly Cut  on the other hand; is smoother and more flexible, commonly used for handbags and purses. 




2. Fish Leather


Ever tried holding a fish and realizing it feels all slimy and slippery? Don't worry, fish leather goods are nothing close to that! If you ever took a closer look at fish leather, you'll notice that they have one of the most mesmerizing and exact patterns among the other animal skins!



If you're someone who enjoys having an impressive display of colours to choose from, you're in luck! Aside from its unique pattern, fish leathers range from metallic silver to bright red in colour. Fun fact: Did you know salmon leather is the most popular compared to all the other fishes? Keep that in mind the next time you go fishing for a new purse!




3. Ostrich Leather


If you're looking for something that exudes luxury and style, go for Ostrich Leather! Don't be fooled by its softness, as one of its defining features is its durability! However, I believe everyone can all agree that the highlight is the small bumps across the leather. Did you know that only one third of the Ostrich provides that bumpy textile which everyone desires when looking for a handbag? No wonder it's so expensive!



The benefits of acquiring this unique leather are great! Ostrich leather are known to contain natural oils which is more resistant to cracking and stiffness! Something most leather bags face nowadays. It is believed that Ostrich leather is the one of the strongest leather in the world, second to crocodile! Perhaps now we understand why we all NEED to get our hands on an Ostrich Leather bag! 




4. Stingray Leather


For most of my life, I never heard much about Stingray Leather. I saw wallets and shoes with beady and granular patterns, almost caviar-like, but never actually gave much thought about it. Shortly after, I realized that it was actually Stingray Leather! Out of all the exotic leather, Stingray Leather is probably one of the more underrated ones. The leather has proven to be extremely durable, even more durable than cowhide!



The Stingray Leather truly offers a unique visual appeal! The exotic nature of the leather also contributes to the high price point and luxurious nature. If that doesn't impress you, the durability of the leather means that it's less prone to wear and tear that most wallets and shoes are subjected to. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd this summer, Stingray Leather is perfect for just that!




5. Snakeskin Leather


Have you ever touched a snake? I had a friend who held a snake for the first time and told me that it was almost like carrying a handbag. I felt really intrigued! The most popular snakeskin leather is the python's leather. It is highly-sought after for its durability and diverse array of styles and mix of colours.



Just like crocodile leather, it has a very distinct and unique appearance which appeals to designers around the globe! Each snakeskin has its own visually distinctive and unique scale pattern which provides designers endless possibilities with their designs! If you don't want anyone biting your style, keep a lookout for standout patterns the next time you shop for a snakeskin bag!



We hope this article has been informative for all you readers! This goes to show that the world of fashion is far bigger than our imaginations and possibilities are endless when it comes to designs. If you're looking to create your very own customized leather bags, here at Honest Crafters we provide an extensive range of different leathers which allows us to bring your very own ideas to life! Get in touch with us today!


With Love




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