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The Ultimate Guide to caring for your Shoes

May 29, 2019


Hey everyone, has this ever happened to you? You’re rushing in the morning to catch the train to work, putting on your shoes and darting out the door only to realise that the soles of your favourite shoes have given way! What a disaster! Now you’re going to be late for work AND your favourite shoes are ruined! This recently happened to my son and it made me question why the soles of our shoes come off so easily, so here’s my ultimate guide to caring for your favourite pair of shoes.


What causes soles to give way?


Well it may seem like a no-brainer to you that shoes give way because of wear and tear since it’s in constant contact with the ground but here are some other reasons that quicken the rate that they deteriorate.


1. Bad walking posture

  • If you haven’t been to a podiatrist before you definitely should! Did you know that 3/4 Singaporeans have poor walking posture and require special insoles?!

  • As a result of poor posture, you may not even know that your feet rolls inwards excessively (over-pronation) which results in wearing of the inner edges of your shoe!

  • What’s more, the outward roll of your foot (over-supination) could result in sprained ankles! Yikes!

2. Walking on uneven/rough surfaces

  • If you’re constantly walking on hard gravel with your designer Louboutin Heels, then it may be wise to carry around a spare pair of shoes or slippers. You wouldn’t want your precious heels to turn out like this! Sometimes, small practices like this really go a long way to making your heels last!



How do I care for my shoes then?


1. Practice good walking posture

  • It’s not as easy as it sounds! Being mindful of every step is harder that you can imagine, especially when we’re in a constant hurry to get from meetings to meetings! However, I do encourage you to be more mindful about your walking posture, whether or not you’re dragging your feet or if one of you’re rolling your feet inwards/outwards when you walk.

  • This helps prevent the uneven wearing down of your soles PLUS good walking posture exudes confidence and suave!

2. Store your shoes properly!

  • If your shoes got drenched in the rain fret not! One trick I like to use is to stuff it with newspaper so that the shoes will dry faster and soak up any excess water! Soles of water-logged shoes tend to deteriorate faster as a result of weakening of the glue!

  • Plus, only store your shoes when it’s completely dry! You wouldn’t want your Timberland boots to turn out mouldy would you!

3. Replace your soles!

  • Leaving your shoes out in the sun often? This could result in the discoloration of your soles as well as the hardening and cracking of the rubber!

  • Not to worry though, we’ve got sole replacement services just for you as well as boost whitening services for those of you that want to keep your kicks looking fresh!


Shoes are often taken for granted when they should be the most cared for, can you imagine what it would be like walking barefoot the entire day? From hot pavements to wet toilet floors, it’s time to give back to your shoes! Whether it’s a sole replacement or heel patching up service, get in touch with us to pamper your shoes today!


With love,




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