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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Bag Strap

May 21, 2019

Have you ever seen a bag that you absolutely adore? The right size, color and made from soft lambskin leather that you love? Only to test it out and find that the strap… well doesn’t fit you. But why doesn’t it fit you? When we asked our customers, (who came in for a strap shortening service) majority of them couldn’t pin point what exactly was wrong with their strap but it was more of a “feeling” that it wasn’t suited for them. Which is why we came up with this Ultimate Guide so you can find the right strap size for your bag.




Straps can be a little tricky but not to worry, we’ve got this really simple method to help you determine the right strap length for you.

  1. Attach a piece of string/ yarn to your bag where the handles are 

  2. Sling the bag using the string

  3. Adjust the string until the length ‘feels’ right

  4. Walk back and forth to see if the bag swings and adjust accordingly

  5. Measure the string from end-to-end to determine your strap length

Wasn’t that easy?! Another way is to find another handbag that has the strap length you’re looking to replicate and if possible, attach it to the handbag to see if it would work for the length you’d like to achieve.


Fun fact: Did you know that there are over 7 categories of straps? Wristlets, short handles, shoulder straps, long shoulder straps, cross body straps, extra long straps and adjustable straps. Thankfully, our crafters here are trained at shortening all of them.




What about strap width?


Does your bag strap cut into your shoulder after awhile? 


The general rule of thumb is:

  1. The larger the strap width, the more weight it can take and vice versa. This is so as the contact area of the strap increases as the strap width increases, which allows for improved weight distribution and comfort. This is particularly useful for anyone with sensitive shoulders.

  2. The skinnier strap usually “sticks” on your shoulder better, helping to prevent your  bag from slipping or falling off. As a rule of thumb, smaller bags generally use smaller width straps and larger bags usually use larger width straps.

So the challenge becomes finding the right balance between usefulness , ( do I need to carry a large and heavy bag, or a small and light weight bag?) comfort (will I be carrying the bag for extended periods of time and does it fit my body?) and look (does the strap look balanced with my bag)


Now at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how you want to wear your bag. It also depends on how you choose your bag depending on the occasion. If you want your strap to be shortened or have an ideal strap in mind, do contact us for custom bag straps as well as strap shortening services! We’d be glad to help.


With Love,


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