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3 ways to spot good quality bags

November 15, 2019

Hey everyone it’s the month of November! How time flies right? It feels as though it was just yesterday when I wrote a New Year email to all of you and it’s already been 11 months!

Hope 2019 has been going well for everyone of you! On today’s episode, we’re going to be sharing with you how to spot a good quality leather bag! Because sometimes, just because it’s branded doesn’t mean it can last!



1. It’s all in the zipper

  • If the bag you’re about to buy has a zipper, check if the zip is working well!  This may sound like common sense but zips tend to be the first part of a bag to spoil! From broken zip pulls to zip misalignments, the zipper is an easy way to gauge the overall quality of the bag as many manufacturers tend to overlook this small but vital piece.

  • Look out for: Flimsy Zip pulls, Rough Zips, Tarnished Zip tracks


2. Strap Holders

  • Bags come in all shapes and sizes but almost all of them have a strap holder whether it’s for a handle or a long strap that you can sling over your shoulder. These parts of the bag are under the most stress when carried, especially if you tend to over-stuff your bag. We’ve seen many torn strap holders and it’s a waste that there really is no way to carry your bag if the strap holder is torn!

  • Look out for: Thin strap holders that can’t support the weight of the bag



3. Material of the bag

  • Know your leather! We’ve had many customers bring in bags that are flaking and peeling but sad to say these bags weren’t made of genuine leather in the first place! Synthetic leathers are highly susceptible to cracking and peeling as well as PVC or PU leather! Although these bags may smell and feel like leather they actually aren’t! Plus synthetic materials like these aren’t environmentally friendly!

  • Look out for: Irregularity on the grain of the leather as it denotes the imperfections from genuine leather.

  • Test: Press into the leather gently to see if the surrounding areas wrinkle. Synthetic materials just depress under your finger maintaining their rigidity and shape.



We hope that you’re more aware of how to spot a good quality leather bag as we want you to get your money’s worth and invest in something that’s going to last a long time! Remember, it’s time to stray away from the mentality of buying and throwing! And don’t forget to calculate the average cost per wear the next time you’re deciding between 2 bags at 2 different price points!


If you’ve got something in need of repair don’t hesitate to contact us and we can’t wait to hear from you. Have a lovely November everyone!

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