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Our Philosophy for Sustainability

April 17, 2019

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to our weekly newsletter! We hope all of you have been doing well and that the past 2 articles about fast fashion & it's effects have brought some awareness about the situation to all of you. Today’s article will focus on how we at Honest Crafters take a step towards being more sustainable in the long run as well as our philosophy behind the company.


Like you, I had the same desire for designer bags of all shapes, sizes and colour. There’s that special feeling of walking into LV or Hermes and coming out with a brand-new bag that you’ve been eyeing for a long time. The satisfaction and delight when you take out the stuffing and spend the next few days matching which outfit to pair it with. Our bags matter to us, right ladies?


However, I noticed that I was sort of falling into a cycle of constantly looking for new bags with even more exotic designs after a few months of just buying a new bag- it was like an insatiable desire for something new and I kept telling myself that those older bags had stains/ wear and tear and didn’t look as nice anymore. Sound familiar?



That’s when I realized that I couldn’t keep this lifestyle and wanted to change. I needed to find a way to curb this desire for a new bag while keeping it sustainable. That’s when it occurred to me to start Honest Crafters that you know today. To help you ladies who were in the same shoes as me as well as to play a part in keeping fashion sustainable.


We know how much bags matter to you, some have sentimental value- a gift from your husband or a treat to yourself after reaching that promotion. Your bag may be discolored, faded, experiencing wear and tear but that doesn’t mean it can’t be saved.



Many of your beloved luxury items are timeless and we’re here to make sure they remain that way so we can be chic and sustainable at the same time as we veer away from living in a wasteful society.


It’s good to see that sustainable fashion is making it’s presence in Singapore as we see more brands and companies take their step towards a more sustainable future, from the materials they use and loyalty programs that they have. We hope we can be recognized as a sustainable brand because after all- we are giving your precious bags a second life.


While sustainability is at the heart of Honest Crafters, mixed with a hint of magic thanks to our in-house artisans, we’re on our path to taking small steps towards a more sustainable future on a much broader scale. We are continuously coming up with new ways to develop our techniques and test products to ensure the experience we provide is more sustainable so we can uphold the values we believe in.



We all know Singaporeans get the wrong impression when they hear words like “sustainable” or “environmentally friendly” and we are here to make that change and show that being eco-friendly can still be luxury. If you have some items that you’d like advice on for a restoration then feel free to contact us for your free assessment today.


Thank you for reading this week’s edition and stay tuned for next week's article as we wrap up with how you can do your part and take a step towards sustainability.


With Love,


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