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Right shoes, right choice

March 13, 2019

Hi everyone thanks for tuning in to another of our weekly articles. Many of you have read the article choosing the right bag for the right occasion and left amazing comments! If you haven’t done so then read it here! After reading through all your comments I realize that a lot of you were just as clueless as me! Which is what inspired me to write today’s article about choosing the right shoes!




Now, compared to men’s footwear, we ladies have all kinds of shoes and heels from stilettos to flats, to pumps and sandals. How are we going to decide which ones to wear on any given day (no wonder we take so long to get ready). Which is why I wrote this article to simplify the lives of all you shoe lovers out there. Did you know that making small decisions throughout the day makes the bigger decisions harder?! Eliminate decision fatigue when you know exactly which shoes to put on for the day.


1. Consider your outfit

  • First off, you want to choose shoes that complement your clothing rather than one that competes with it. I would recommend pairing busier shoes with minimal simple outfits and wearing simple shoes with clothing that is brightly colored and features; prints, embellishments or dynamic accessories. It’s all about balancing! You wouldn’t want your outfit to be too chaotic!


2. What’s the occasion

  • This one might seem easy to some of you but when I first started getting into fashion I was clueless and just wore what I thought was comfortable. Fancy evening heels with sequins and crystals have no place in the office as compared to a standard pair of black heels but is considered okay for formal events.

  • You want to think about the day’s events and locations and whether or not a single pair would be acceptable in an office setting as well as a formal one.

  • One trend I have seen recently is how plain white sneakers like these ones we restored can be used in a casual setting as well as a formal one! Given you keep them looking white and fresh! If you have a pair of white sneakers that are soiled, do drop them off at our store so we can help service them, or message us here


3. Dressing for the weather

  • We all know how unpredictable the Singapore weather is, the sun may be shining in one minute and hidden by dark clouds the next. Which is why in try to keep a pair of lightweight slippers in my bag just in case. But also as a precautionary measure I like to waterproof all my heels, especially my Suede Ferragamo ones I absolutely love. Do you need to waterproof your shoes? Why not contact us for a waterproofing service!



4. How much walking you are going to do

  • A common problem overlooked by many, excessive walking may harm your shoes and may also hurt your feet in the long run! Especially walking in heels, if you’ve got a full day of shopping along town then we would recommend wearing a comfortable pair of flats instead. Too much walking may also cause the soles of your heels and shoes to be worn down but thankfully we’re able to patch back your shoes so they look as good as new.



That’s all for this week and I hope you now I know how to pick out shoes for your outfit, not just so you can look good but feel good as well. If you need any services regarding heels and shoe repairs then don’t hesitate to contact me and my team today.


With love,


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