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Fact or Fiction- Handbag "hacks"

February 20, 2019

Hey everyone, hope all of you have been well and is starting to get back in the groove of work after the long Chinese New Year festivities and celebrations! Did you know that the Chinese New Year  festival lasts for about 23 days? So if you haven’t satisfied your Bak Kwa cravings yet then not to worry there’s still time to feast on Bak Kwa and steamboats!


After visiting my relatives and friends over CNY, I realise that a lot of them have a lot of misconceptions about how to care for their handbag, hearing from so and so that this is a “trick” they learnt from another friend. I was absolutely appalled when they told me what they had been doing to “care” for their handbags. So today I’ll be writing a fact or fiction handbag care guide for you.





1.Baby wipes are safe and gentle enough to wipe small stains – FICTION


I’m sure many of you are thinking, if it’s good enough to wipe my baby’s delicate skin then surely I can use it for my bag right? Well a lot of you may not know that baby wipes contain alcohol and wiping your bag actually destroys the top coat of your leather bag, causing it to crack easier over time.


If you spilled a drink on your bag/ food we recommend just taking a normal tissue to dab on the spot immediately so the leather doesn’t absorb too much of the stain. Send your bags to us there after for a stain removal at 20% off when you quote “GRACESAYS” the next time you get a quote from us.




2.The dust bag is just a carrier- FICTION


As tempting as it is to take your newly bought bag out for display in the house and chucking the dust bag in a corner along with the receipt, I’m here to tell you that the dust bag is your first line of defence. When you’re not using your bag store it in the dust bag and even better, stuff it with tracing paper so that any unwanted moisture is absorbed.


The dust bag protects your bag from sunlight, dust and mould! So remember ladies, the dust bag is your best friend! If your bag has a severe case of mould then we recommend that you send it to us ASAP before the mould spreads to your other bag!




3.Prevention is better than cure- FACT


This is something we’ve heard a lot of doctors telling us and I’m sure this is the first time you’re hearing it from a handbag specialist like myself. From the day you buy your new leather bag you should spray your leather bag with a good quality leather spray to keep it looking fresh. Or you can send it to us every 3 months for a general cleaning which includes a leather polish to really moisturize the leather and prevent cracking for a longer period of time. Trust us, we’ve seen a lot of cases where the leather is dried and cracking- not a pretty sight.




4.Want more tips?- Get our free leather guide when you sign up here.


That’s all for this week and I’ll see all of you next week okay? If you have a bag that needs a stain removal then be sure to send it to us and quote “GRACESAYS” for 20% OFF! Don’t procrastinate saving your bag!


With love,


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